Diamonds and Stones

Life is Precious...Cherish it

Q: Life is Precious

A: Indeed. Life is precious. Every moment is precious. We have already missed many diamonds while we were busy collecting stones.

Life of Bondage is not LIFE at all

Q: Life is about Liberation

A: Indeed. But it is not about escapism. It is not about discontentment with what we have and lust after what we do not have. It is not about comparisons. It is not about sadness over inequalities. It is not about resistance and turmoils inside. Liberation is about LIBERATION – an existence in which you have everything, but need absolutely nothing. Whether a material is available or not, there is no agony or ecstasy. Nothing is essential. True liberation  is lack of dependancy on anything and being grateful about everything.

Life itself is the True Achievement - What ever your path is, what ever you are into.

Q: Life is about achievements

A: Indeed. But, it is not about the cups and trophies  in the wardrobe. It is about the blessings that you rendered to the helpless. It is about our ability to make a positive difference to another being.True achievments cannot be counted in fingers, but can only be measured through one’s spiritual progress, one’s level of liberation. True achievements are the tangible moments that we lived selflessly. This is the only place where everyone wins. All material achievements are gain for some and loss for some.

Individual Thoughts Add to the Collective Destiny

Q: Life is about Thoughts

A: Indeed. What you think, so you become. Thought is the first level of creation where energy is released. Thoughts arise out of an inherent desire existing in the sub conscious in the seed form, blooming in the right environment. Thoughts, if powerful enough, lead to further expressions such as words or images. If the words are powerful enough, they lead to action. Action, combined with emotions, becomes karma. Karma leads to further births. Thus goes the life of a Man. So, every thought is important. Nothing goes wasted in our system. Collective thoughts of a generation create events. Oppression or suppression brings forth an Avatar who will destroy evil and reinstall dharma. A life style based on procrastination and lethargy will provoke wars and change. Thus, at every point in time, all are participating in the creation of a collective destiny, which in turn becomes the individual destiny, in which ever degree it should.

For the Hungry, God is Food. Avoid Wastage of Food

Q: Life is about food.

A: Indeed. Body is a sheath made out of elements. Elements nurture that sheath till death and dis-integration. Body is linked to mind as much as mind is linked to body. Mind keeps emotions, including emotions related to food. Body needs are superseded by mind’s need for satisfaction. Mind rules. Body obeys. Obesity happens. Body does not need as much food as the mind needs. Mind nurtures craving. Body has its own intelligence. Our food habits reflect our character and destiny. Unconscious eating, emotional eating and craving leads to over eating, obesity and sudden deaths. Food that is cooked and stored, food containing dead organisms (which lacks praana) and food that is contaminated, decrease the consumer’s vital energy gradually and makes him vulnerable to many diseases. One who is in control of his consumption can be considered an emperor of his own life. Moderate eating which fills one third of the stomach, while one third remains filled with water and one third with air, is supposed to be the ideal quantity for a healthy living. Moderate eating, moderate sleeping, and moderate excercise along with personal hygiene makes a superb human. Wastage of food is a crime. It should never be entertained. Take only what you can effortlessly consume. Never take food for granted. Our body has consumed tons of food and gallons of water till date. Much more is wasted also. We live in a world where some starve and steal food while some fight obesity. Feeding the hungry is the noblest of all charities. Hungry can be a bird, animal or a human being. Irrespective of the type of body or species, we must educate our children to feed the hungry. This will arrest stress in them and make them higher beings in flesh and blood.

Success is Life. Life is success.

Q: Life is about Success

A: Indeed. True success of life depends on our growth in awareness. Success is in our spiritual evolution. Success is in our kindness expressed. Success is in liberating ourselves from all kinds of dependency. Success is in gaining simplicity. Success is in knowing oneself. Success is in success itself. All material successes are temporary and transitory. They come and go and involve either happiness or sorrow, but not equanimity. And yet, equanimity in happiness and sorrow, is the true success.

Faith Brings Miracles. Faith Moves Mountains

Q: Life is about Faith

A: Indeed. Faith happens, sooner or later. When ego subsides and gets nullified through consistent downfalls, faith happens. Faith leads. Faith soothes. Faith reinforces. Faith nurtures life. Faith elevates life. Faith stabilizes life. Faith Liberates man. Faith increases with experiences. Faith decreases when we disown our own experiences; swapping it for other’s opinions or book knowledge. Faith increases when surrender becomes absolute. Faith decreases when ego becomes predominant. Faith is real, if it is spontaneous. Faith is transitory, if it is induced or inherited. If man’s herd instinct leads to certain faith, it ends when he turns a new corner. Such is the passing faith which has no longevity. Faith based on conviction is more real, if conviction is based on truth.

Great Masters set examples of Selfless existence and unconditional giving.

Q: Life is about giving

A: Indeed. Only when giving becomes unconditional, and absolutely devoid of any expectations. Giving is not about wealth or money. Giving time, energy, knowledge, guidance, information, space, food, water, medicine, clothes, books, healing,  and everything else, done with pure intentions and without expectations indeed transforms a man into a “MAN”.

One who gives glows. One who selflessly moves in the society, radiates positiveness and hope. Even if his life is short, there will be LIFE in each moment. His purposefulness itself will radiate LIFE. Life is not worth it, if lived without any benefit to the world around us. It is nothing superior to the existence of an animal. Life is in Giving. Giving is essential in Life. Giving strenghtens and raises man to the level of God. It liberates him. Unconditional existence always liberates man.

Gratitude Makes hearts RICH

Q: Life is about Gratitude

A: Indeed. Gratitude liberates and positions the mind on the present. Being in the present itself is liberating. Gratitude makes the heart rich. A rich heart is  more precious than a rich wallet. Gratitude invokes child-like wonder in the mind. It makes life worth living. When gratitude becomes the essence of our character, excesses vanish, ego vanishes and anxieties vanish. Gratitude supports faith. Gratitude provides equanimity. Gratitude reinforce unconditional love. If you have to choose one quality in life, choose gratitude. It is worth it. Everything else will fall in place by itself.

Real Power is in Real Control of one's mind and senses

Q: Life is about Power

A: Indeed. The real power lies in the state of control of  intellect over mind. When man becomes emotional, intellect gets shut down. Uncontrolled senses and mind amount to human weakness. Senses in control of the mind and mind in the control of intellect make a man powerful. The real wire puller is the soul, which is the all powerful. But, it does not express its power. It never over rules any decision of the mind or intellect. Having power, but not expressing it, or having to express it, is real power. Power, if used to create harmony and love in the world, is truly noble. Power, if used for conquests and suppression of other being, is demonic. How we wield our power depends on our basic character. Power makes a man naked, as it exposes his true nature. Some use power benevolently and for the benefit of all. They are true expression of the Almighty. They never entertain any barriers within, such as caste, creed, culture, countries, colors, communities etc. They are Universal beings. Their nature of expression is unconditional love. Some use power to control other beings through fear. They are insecure; and those leaders who create fear and control indeed lack character and quality.

An individual or an organisation is the same in this context. Organisation is a body consisting of many individuals. Power should be used for wiping the tears of many. It should be used for protecting rather than destroying. Power should be used with awareness and not emotion.

Power is a double edged sword. It could hurt the one that wields it. History is full of examples. One who has absolute power needs to be absolutely careful. Power should create harmony, love and peace. That is real power. One who has his mind in control, is really powerful too. Nobody can shake him ever. He will never be insecure. He will live a life of equanimity.Thus, the real conquest is the conquest of the mind.

The Power of Purity is incomparable and True

Q: Life is about Purity

A: Indeed. Purity of thought, word and action liberates man from everything. It strengthens his existence. Purity is power. Purity is truth. Truth is pure. All elements resonate with truth. Our whole being resonates with truth and purity. The whole universe resonates with truth and purity. When we live truth, purity happens. When we live a life of purity through consistently expressing purity through every thought, word and action, we elevate ourselves to an existence of supreme consciousness. There are no barriers in the realm of purity. There is supreme strength in the purity. The power of purity is tangible. The power of purity unburdens in various levels. The power of purity liberates. The power of purity immunizes from the rocks and shocks of daily existence. The power of purity radiates. Purity empowers.  Purity strengthens. Purity liberates. It brings gratitude into existence. It quells the wandering mind to a thought-less state. It quenches all questions. It brings contentment. It brings stability. It makes our very existence, a great experience. It fills our existence with Life. It brings purpose. It fills life with faith and hope. It connects us to the highest of consciousness. The Power of Purity is unfathomable. It is the nature of the Supreme.

Questions gets repeated, a 1000 times, until the mind drops dead. Then it is peace. Deep peace. Deep peace of acceptance. Deep peace of living the truth….

God Bless All



After 1000 questions, the mind drops dead. Liberation begins there.

Krishna – The Lord Almighty

The Playful Lord

“Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum” A leader, A master par excellence, A supreme Avatar, A lover, A King, A true friend, A Child, A husband, A politician, You name it – Krishna is it. We can hardly see an Avatar so versatile and so powerful. He also represented the eternal principles of dharma like the previous avatars of Lord Vishnu, and carried out His mission in a style and flair that stunned the entire universe. Krishna inspired generations and keeps inspiring generations even now. His life has been so versatile, that everyone interpreted it the way he/ she could understand and the fact remains that most mis understood and mis – interpreted.

Great Expressions of an Avatar

This “vaasudeva” represented the Supreme Lord, Parabrahma. He said “those who leave off everything and surrender to me, I will take care of them”. He has always been speaking on behalf of the Supreme Lord. He said – “Before the sun was, I am”. He was never representing the finite form called Krishna. He was the supreme soul, reflecting through the rather limited and tangible form of Krishna. The body called Krishna was only a medium. A powerful medium at that. The Supreme soul, Lord Vishnu, the omnipresent, was absorbed in the Divine play, as blissfully and as authoritatively as the Almighty can ever express itself. “The whole universe is filled with nothing but  the energy of Vaasudeva. I bow to the Vaasudeva in all beings” – Sage Vyasa said.

The Child

As with all the great Masters, Krishna’s life itself was His teaching. Innocence and absolute awareness. It goes hand in hand. All children are innocent and at that level, they operate always in the present. They do not have any anxieties or fears until the adults give it to them. Innocence needs awareness. Awareness brings innocence, as ego gets diluted drastically. Krishna had a turbulent childhood, as his maternal uncle Kamsa  constantly tried to kill Krishna, fearing his own death at the hands of his nephew Krishna, due to a prophecy. Nothing worked. Krishna remained invincible. Destiny had its own plan as the world was reeling in adharma, or decay in dharma, and the world badly needed an Avatar. An Avatar was inevitable, “to rescue dharma from decay and eradicate adharma”. No ordinary mortals could have achieved such a mighty task. Hence the Divine Himself came to earth to put things straight.

No parent will want a child like Krishna, if they fathom the troubles this child was going through during His childhood. Who will want so many threats to his child’s life? Kamsa repeatedly sent ferocious demons to put Krishna to death. He survived it all. It is fascinating to note that a tiny little Krishna handled and despatched mighty demons many times his size and walked away as if nothing ever took place. Krishna’s childhood was full of pranks and it created annoyance to many. Being an Avatar, He liberated many by His presence, words, and sometimes actions. Someone who died at His hands, immediately got moksha or liberation.

He was born in a prison. He lived all his childhood away from his biological parents. His foster parents loved Him equally. They provided for Him and made sure He was well “protected”. Who can understand an Avatar in flesh and blood? Human mind has not developed to that level. One should be operating from higher consciousness to understand an Avatar and actually feel his presence as well as enjoy and be benefited from it. In fact, His presence was protecting everyone else. Once, as a small, inquisitive child, he ate soil from the ground. Mother Yasoda asked him to open his mouth to verify. He opened His mouth and Yasoda saw the whole universe in that mouth. She could not believe what she saw. Her son was indeed extra ordinary. Because of pranks and complaints from neighbors, she even tied him to an object. He moved with the object and liberated two cursed souls, standing there as trees. Thus, bound or unbound, He went ahead with His mission.

The Youth

Even as a child, He was the center of attraction of all the villagers. He was dark, as clouds before the rain. He was charming and great energy flowed from Him. He smelled of sandalwood and divine flowers when ever He came close. He grazed cattle and played flute. Cattle stopped grazing and stood around Him, listening to His flute, the whole day. Many liberated souls chose another birth as cattle to be near the Lord. When an Avatar takes place, many beings choose terrestrial births to aid the Avatar or just be in His energy presence. One touch or look from Him can elevate a soul to the highest possible heights of bliss or  ‘sat chit ananda’.

The Lord versus Ego

One of the most interesting incidents that happened in Krishna’s youth was the surrendering of the mighty serpent Kaliya, who was poisoning the river, contaminating the water. Krishna jumped on Kaliya’s various heads and danced. Finally, out of fatigue and pain, the serpent vomitted poison which burnt the grass and trees around him. Later, his wives pleaded and begged Krishna for forgiveness and to spare their husband. Out of pain and fatigue, Kaliya also surrendered at the feet of the Lord. Kaliya represents ourselves. His thousand heads represents our multi-faceted ego. Krishna’s dance represents the beatings that we receive on our ego, time and again, to ground us and bring us closer to the Almighty. Ego is one of the biggest barriers that alienate us from divinity. In everyone’s life, destiny deflates it time after time, through compelling and unavoidable tragic situations. Some get it many times in life, which depends entirely on one’s track. If one’s track is spiritual, then it happens more. Destiny annihilates all attachments consistently, if the person is in the track of liberation. Destiny strips him and makes him naked. Whatever  one’s track is, nobody can avoid ego bashing of destiny. Nobody is immune to it. When this happens through someone whom we cannot avoid, we spit venom. We lose cool. We blame and shout. This is our nature. Out of helplessness, we run to the feet of God. We remember God at that time at least.

When ego is hurt, at first, we become violent, venom comes out through our senses and mind. It can even burn all things, including the people and relationships around us. There is nothing more harmful than a hurt ego. Finally, when all the venom is exhausted, and mind gets famished after all the venom has been spit out, we surrender to the will of the Almighty. When ego is gone, we experience the love of God. Thus, Krishna taught the world a beautiful lesson on human constitution and the significance of ego bashing. Kaliya Mardana (the defeat of Kaliya) means ego bashing. When Kaliya, the serpent, surrendered to Krishna, He graciously allowed him to exist there with his wife and children, without harming other life and without polluting the water any further. This was also part of his dharma which contributed to his purpose of visit – the preservation of dharma. Now many commercial Kaliyas are contaminating the rivers of the world these days. Dharma of the nature will eradicate them too, sooner or later.

Raas Leela

Everyone loves Love. Everyone Loves to receive Love. Everyone Loves to feel and express Love. Everyone loves those who love everyone. Even plants, birds and animals respond positively to love. Love is powerful. Love is universal. Love transforms. Love conquers. Love establishes faith. Faith establishes love. Love is the bottom-line. Everyone loved Krishna, because Krishna expressed love unconditionally. His energy was so pure and powerful that men, women, birds and animals sought his proximity always and would give anything to be near Him. When he played the flute, men, women and children, birds, animals, trees and plants, rejoiced in the divinity of His music and the ultimate silence behind His music. It lifted all beings to metaphysical realms. People danced and sang. They rejoiced life, existence and the rare presence of an Avatar amongst them. No signs were needed. The supreme energy that flowed out of Him was unmistakable. The ecstasy that he created by His sheer presence is the actual Raas Leela. Readers may kindly note that, unlike the pictures that we have traditionally seen, it was not only beautiful maidens, but also,  old Gopikas, men and children, people of all age and gender that used to rush towards Krishna when ever they heard his flute. Divine energy is so addictive. It is so liberating. The very sight of an Avatar can liberate beings from terrestrial births and deaths. So, every soul that felt the energy and power of Krishna, came to Him. Souls were in bodies of many kinds, which included, men, women, children, birds and animals. The bathing of individual soul in the divine energy of the supreme soul is the actual raas leela. Kindly do not interpret/reduce this beautiful union to just physical love making. That would amount to degrading the stature of the real Krishna, the supreme Parabrahma. The experience could have been orgasmic. That is the experience one receives when he/she experiences the bliss of cosmic consciousness, a prolonged orgasmic bliss which is eternal and genuine.

His Wives

Krishna is blamed of marrying too many – 16008 Wives, to be precise. Who can manage so many? Who would dare? Jokes apart, the reality is something else. He conquered a kingdom run by a selfish, dictatorial king (name is not important here, which will only deviate our thoughts from the real subject). Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So, Krishna whose mission was to set the dharma right, went about conquering this kingdom. After the conquest, he freed all the prisoners. There were many men, women and even children in prisons. He told them all ” You are free now. Go back to your families and live peacefully. If you have any problem, or if anyone bothers you, please let me know. I would do what I can, to help you.” All of them left for their homes. Men managed to survive. Even now, in our society, men who make money are respected, irrespective of how they make it. Women always get a different treatment in any society. So,  their society being as conservative as always and not willing to accept ex convicts in their homes, they feared that this would picture them in the wrong light in the eyes of the society. It could also affect alliances and relationships with other families. So, the relatives of the ex convicts politely refused to accept them in their houses. They had nowhere to go. They went back to Krishna and told him, “Oh lord, you liberated us. Now we are in deeper problem. In the prison, we used to get three meals a day. Now, we are starving. Please put us back in the prison and allow us to complete this life in peace. We do not want to live as a burden or disturbance to our relatives.” Krishna immediately called his ministers and ordered to get all the women who came back to him – counting 16008, the status of his “Royal Wives”.  The status of “Raja Patni” automatically gave them many privileges, including a fixed allowance from the palace, a house and many other things. This gave all the ex convicts respectability in the society. They got much respect and even some men were ready to marry the younger ones among them. Thus, Krishna uplifted the standards of all those women who might have otherwise perished inside the prison or in the more ruthless society. This was a great deed. The world has not seen anything so magnanimous and benevolent before or after the time of Krishna. Still we accuse him of being a womanizer or a marrying man. Is it our mind that is tripping? Are we projecting the womanizer within us on Krishna, who conveniently is everything that we make him of? All images suit Him. All seasons suit Him. He is a complete Avatar. If you want to experience His presence and power, the Guruvayoor temple in Thrissur district in Kerala must be visited. The power and glory of the Lord is so tangible there. Then, of course, Mathura and Vrindavan. We can feel Krishna, if you can escape the greed of  “pandas”, the priestly class of Vrindavan. I always felt deeply connected with Guruvayoor, where thousands worship each day.

Lord Krishna as Guruvayoorappan. A tangible God.

The Politician

Krishna was the architect of the great war of Mahabharatha. Being omnipresent, he knew what to do and when. Just imagine the state of the inadequate Pandavas without the support of Krishna!!! Krishna gave away the substantial yaadava army to Kauravas and stayed unarmed with Paandavas, with a vow that He will not use arms ever, during the war. Many people accuse him of compromising truth during war. He was delivering the higher dharma. He had a clear mission of annihilating dictatorial monarchy and establishing rule based on dharma. So, He was doing His job, the purpose of His incarnation. In the middle of the battlefield, He conveyed the eternal principles of existence, the sum total of all scriptures, in the form of Gita. Arjuna who was depressed by the thought that He would eventually have to kill his own kin, was rejuvenated by Krishna, through his words and His showing His actual form, a kind of enlightenment experience, which altered Arjuna’s state of consciousness, made him more objective and ready for the fight. Krishna weaved the fabric of annihilation of selfishness and re installed the dharmic life on earth. He said, “Whenever dharma is in decay, I HAPPEN again and again”. An avatar is a happening. Avatar happens only for a certain purpose and exits as easily as it appeared. As Sri Rama, He had killed Bali, hidden behind a tree. This is against dharma. While resting in a forest, a hunter who was Bali’s rebirth, mistaking the feet of Krishna for a deer, sent an arrow which hit Krishna. Krishna thus compensated for his action of killing Bali, as Rama. Karma definitely comes around. This is an important lesson. It was perhaps not that arrow that killed Krishna. His mission was accomplished and He was leaving anyway. Yet, He put this matter also straight, before He left His body. He even got the selfish and warring Yadava army annihilated before He left. We can write pages and pages about Krishna, who is a complete Avatar. Maybe we will talk more at some other time.

I wish all of you the CONSCIOUSNESS of KRISHNA

Love YOU


Krishna Consciousness is always Here and NOW - GET IT While you can!!!

Dharma of Existence

Who Buys Silence? We all are "Glitter Shoppers"

My Dear Brothers and Sisters

In a world where everyone talks and no one listens, I hate to add more sound. I always feel and am sure that I can do much more through my silence and being-ness rather than the movement, external articulation and doing-ness. People who can touch and feel silence deeply, from deep within their heart, can be elevated to the highest, this way. The gross minds with terrestrial and more physically tangible expectations will be terribly disappointed. Vomiting emotions indiscriminately and clinging on to habits and conditionings, they expect us to do miracles and liberate them.

Who will buy the intangible, even if it is the real?

We can wake up those who are sleeping. Can we wake up those who pretend to be asleep? People cannot stop accumulating garbage. Yet, they expect us to do the cleansing part. This is the way the world goes. Pretensions. Gross pretensions and unjustified expectations. Images, Words, Sounds, all proclaiming something sensory and tangible or “value for money” and people run after them. People sell people, their intellect and emotions. They cheat and kill. What can silence and subtlety do in a world of gross sounds and human – induced bitter agonies? When people refuse to give up, how can we give in? When people like to choose emotions rather than liberation, who visits our store? This being the truth, religiously, we open the shop everyday, irrespective whether anyone comes to buy or not. Some come out of curiosity and do not invest. They peep from outside and disappear. Some taste a little, never buy and leave after some time. Some stay for sometime and leave without even tasting. Very few make a purchase. Still, some do not use what they bought. Some abuse. Some discard. Out of a million of such window shoppers, perhaps only one strikes the deal. If the shop keeper lives with expectations, he will die a sad man. If he stays without expectations, he will not be affected. Anyways, that is not the story here. If you have the time, please read on….

We have already spoken about the eternal Sanatana Dharma or basic ground rules of existence. What follows are messages from the soul of our beloved Mother Earth. Let us spend a few minutes in introspection into our own conscience and see what we have done so far and what more we can do, to deliver a few more drops of fresh air into the parched lungs of the Mother. The Mother speaks…..

” My beloved children, you have been busy. Too busy to remember me. I know that. No complaints. I appreciate that you are busy. I see you emotional and always under tremendous stress. Your Father, the eternal Almighty, never wanted you to burn out like this. Remember, He, who is the creator and maintainer of the whole universe, is not as busy as you are!!! Please think about it. Why have you brought all these burdens onto yourself? Why are you killing your own kind? Why are you so angry? Remember, my children, all I gave you is nourishment and love. Had you been connected with my spirit, you would have never become so helplessly stressed out.  You still have time. Connect to my spirit, which is your spirit too, and see the same spirit in everything. They are all your brothers and sisters.”

Trees subtly sustains our existence

“My beloved children, my whole body consists of rivers, oceans, mountains and many expressions of life.There is a spirit in everything. Do not think that the tree outside your house is separate from you. The tree inhales what you exhale. And what the tree exhales is what you inhale. Can you see this subtle collaboration and deep love? You are inseparably connected, with the trees, plants, flowers and nature. You are existentially connected to all of them. Why do you isolate yourself from them? Why do you destroy trees? They are part of your own existence. What will you inhale if you break this eternal bond?? What will your children inhale? You are breaking the cycle of existence, my beloved children, please do not do that.”

“My children, your life is full of glory. You look exactly like your father. He is brilliance. He is the Almighty. He is always truly majestic and never subject to any kind of weaknesses. You are the same. He created the whole universe based on Dharma. Dharma of existence. Just like the trees collaborate with you for providing fresh air, and the lions help maintain the deer population, all beings contribute towards the smooth running of dharma. Dharma should not be disrupted. It should eternally flow. Dharma is eternal.”

Can we justify all our actions? If not, Beware.


History is filled with Human Atrocities

“Dharma is the expression of your father. We all exist in that. We have no life apart from that. Have you seen any lion killing for pleasure? Have you seen any bird sitting in the nest, lazy and procrastinating, when the day breaks? Have you seen the sun taking leave even for a day, since centuries? Have you seen any change in the system of life and death? Everything born must die. Killing to satisfy senses, anger, hatred or lust. This is against dharma. This will bring your downfall. When you inflict pain on others, similar pain will haunt your existence too. This is also part of dharma.

Your own people explained the theory of relativity. This is also an aspect of that. May your minds obsessed with science understand it that way. My children, beware, science should not make you insensitive. I have reasons to believe that it does. How many beings are you torturing and killing in your laboratories!!! It’s a shame, my children. Torture and killing of any other being amounts to accumulation of agonizing karma. Karma is the chain that makes you take physical bodies again and again. This will make you suffer similar pains and agony. Your sufferings of this life, has roots into similar acts by you, on others, in other lives. But, if nature used you to carry out its dharma, you will not suffer karma due to that. That means, when you walk, without your knowledge, if some ants die, it is part of their destiny and not your conscious doing. It will then be a different equation, if you add guilt to your thoughtless action or unmindful action. Then, you will suffer karmic undoing through suffering. If nature makes you an instrument, which it often does, you are only doing your dharma and never karma. So, do not worry about that. Karma is not punishment oriented. It is accountability oriented. You are accountable for all your deeds, including all thoughts, words and actions. Period. ”

Rivers Represents the Flow of Life

“My beloveds, a major portion of your body contains water. Water is sacred. All elements are sacred, because they have formed out of your father, the Lord Almighty. Everything is made out of pure spirit. You need to connect to the spirit behind all materials. So, respect water. Save water. Preserve water. Be sensitive towards water. You need good water to stay healthy. Your ancestors were able to drink water from any river and stay healthy. River water was so healthy at one time. Can you do the same? You have contaminated the rivers of the world. You have contaminated the oceans too. You will fall sick if you drink water from your neighboring river. My beloved children, your greed for profits and unconscious living has brought much harm onto yourself. You are existentially connected to the water and those rivers. You are deeply related. Why did you poison and contaminate them? You are deeply related to the flowing rivers. Your life is also flowing. Time is flowing, existence is flowing. Look at the rivers and learn to flow without attachments, unconditionally. Rivers have lots to teach you, the most important of all is its very nature of being unconditional, the very nature of your father.”

Tat Twam asi - Thou Art That

“My children, you are only visitors here. You will depart one day. You cannot own anything here. There is only one owner – the Lord Almighty. Everything belongs to Him. Everything is formed out of Him and everything will dissolve back to Him. He could withdraw this whole drama anytime he feels like. By the way,  why are YOU agitated? Why are you resisting everything? Since you do not know the whole story of any existence, let alone yours, why are you so determined to change things? What can you change, when you do not know the reason of any event in your life?? If you feel you are all powerful, tell me – Can you change your heart beat? Can you change your blood circulation – or maybe reverse it for a change? Can you stop breathing? Can you stop eating? Drinking water? What can you change? Only one thing – your inner world. You can choose to fill your inner world with goodness and pure love instead of anger, hatred, revenge and venom. That will also make your outside world look more beautiful and positive. This is the least you can do for yourself.”

“Understand that your father gave you the power to understand your true

Express Your Self. Express Love

nature and also to understand Him. No other being walking on my body has that capacity. Why are you then behaving like the lesser beings? You should be behaving like your father, who is infinitely kind and compassionate. You should be expressing His nature, complete love and compassion, without discrimination. He is wholesome. He is ever complete. You divided and made things look seemingly micro. He is absolute and infinite. You made yourself look, seem and feel finite. Your father is always surprised at your choosing limitedness. He never interferes, you see. He leaves you to live your life.  He has faith in you and believes that one day, you will re assume your unlimited-ness and come back to Him. He is waiting. He is happy and thrilled when you express His nature of selfless compassion and unconditional love. He is sad when you express negativity, anger, hatred and silly emotions of an average terrestrial being. Keep Him happy, express pure LOVE. You will see the difference happening in yourself.”

We Create our Destiny

“My children, We have a common destiny. My destiny is linked with yours and yours with mine. We are not separate from each other. When you contaminate the same source that you came from, reactions are inevitable. This is not my choice. This is my destiny. Yours too. This is natural with my sickness. All the calamities that you see on my surface are inevitable, because, I am tired. I am sick. Your mother has become seriously ill. My body is reacting to the poisons that has been pumped into me since years. Your advancement has been at the cost of my health. Are you aware of that? It is true. All your fleeting prosperity and profits have been at the cost of my health. When I sigh or pant in pain, storms and floods are your experience. How can I help it? I am helpless, my children.You are born out of me. You are myself. I have given birth to millions of bodies over millions of years. Now, I am tired.  It is time for me to be re born. Those of you who will connect to my spirit, which is the spirit of existence, will survive the change. Those of you still immersed in senses, mind and intellect; fleeting glories, competition with one another and material profits, will wake up to uneasy realities sooner or later. Never tell me that I did not warn you. Save yourself while you can.”

“Changes are always not negative. They are inevitable. Changes mean evolution. Nothing ever stays the same in your father’s

Time Means Change

creation. Dynamism is the core of creation. It never stayed the same in the past and will never stay the same in the future too. Otherwise, you will not be here. You will not be here without the evolution and change. Karma cannot take place at all.”

“My children, treat all things as spirit. All are made out of that. Realize that all are one spirit. Me – the earth, plants and trees, water, air, the sun, moon and the stars, birds and animals, you – all came out of one spirit. All one spirit. Do not worry about death. Death is not the end. There is no end. Life is an evolution. Constant evolution. It never stops. There is no need to worry. So, my children, be kind to yourself, and to others around you. My blessings are always with you. I love you and always loved you, even when you never understood and felt my spirit. How can a mother not love her own children? I have always been waiting for you to know and understand the ultimate truth of existence. I do not have much life left now. Before I withdraw, I had to tell you this. I Love all my children alike. I have no favorites. Your father also loves all His creations alike. Close your eyes and feel us. You will understand this truth. I love YOU.”



Connect with the Spirit, Connect to the Source