A Chapter in Life. A Birthday Message.

February 23rd is a reference point to me. The day of entry into this world in this form. The day this chapter in existence by the name of Mohanji began.

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Mohanji Childhood

This soul has had many such chapters in the past and this essentially is the final chapter before it becomes just an existentialistic time rider – or merges with time and becomes a part of the soul of time. I always believed that each lifetime, as we call it, is just a chapter in the existence of the soul. A chapter which has its own character, duration, flavour and purpose. Every chapter has a call, a solid reason to be there. You would not start it unless you have to and have a compelling reason for that matter. I never call a chapter – LIFE. It is part of LIFE, but it is not LIFE by itself. LIFE according to me has no duration. A chapter has duration. Whatever has duration is NOT LIFE. When we take a chapter as LIFE, we miss the real life and we suffer. I always believed that LIFE can never be bound by time because LIFE is not bound by TIME. In that context, I am riding the time – as if time is a horse. And I will exist as long as time exists. I have no birth or death. A chapter does have a distinct beginning and end and it must because it has a distinct purpose.


Half a century of existence later, when I look back at this chapter called Mohanji, my heart overflows with gratitude. Hence, I would like to dedicate this overflow of powerful feelings at the feet of all those who walked into my life at various points in time and to all those who will come in the future at various points in time. They are not just human appearances. Some stayed and are still staying. Some left and some are in the process of leaving. Some never fully came, nor fully left, but always existed whenever needed. This is especially pertaining to the masters and the guides including protecting angels which all of us have. I like to look at all those who came, existed, existing and left with utmost gratitude because all of them gave me invaluable experiences and added value to this incarnation. They all are irreplaceable.

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LIFE itself is the message. There is message in each life and there is LIFE in each message. When I “slipped into” the path of spirituality totally unaware of what is in store, I encountered many kinds of people which I would like to call as various flavours of the grander LIFE. They could only be segregated based on their operating levels in awareness.


I have been walking this mysterious path called spirituality since many years. This is a path to the intangible. The path that we as human beings are used to is tangible. From tangible to intangible and knowing to the unknowable, the path is quite treacherous and often winding. There are many trials and errors possible. Many falls and rises. Tenacity and conviction plus the will to survive against all odds will keep us going. I am not talking about the comfort zone spirituality where we can choose what we like or discard the uncomfortable. Here, the path of dissolution itself is the path of pathlessness. It is a long and winding road by itself. Then again, those who walked ahead of us always come to help. There are times when we cannot explain anything to anyone because the experiences are indescribable. In this journey, I encountered two distinct groups of people – the aspirants and the accomplished. The aspirants have fresh roots while the accomplished have deep roots and are totally balanced. Both have roots and hence they stand. Since seekers do not see roots, often they cannot differentiate between the aspirants and the accomplished unless they spend time patiently to see and feel.



They are usually graduated into higher frequencies in their past lives. Their roots are well set over those lives. They are balanced and deep rooted. They are totally established, unassuming and will never display any powers even when asked or challenged. They need nothing from the world and give everything even without asking.They do not even consider themselves as more important than the lowliest of beings in the canvas of creation and stay to serve. They never care who follows them or whether anybody follows them at all. They are self-sufficient. They do not care about terrestrial names and fame. They only exist as a reference point or a beacon of light for those sincere seekers who have only one aim – LIBERATION. Those who are already established and have dissolved their minds, their powers would be unlimited because they are always one with the Source. Each chapter for them is only another door to serve and lead the people in the right direction of LIBERATION. Their messages will be clear and simple. They will never bind their subjects to any fear based rituals or compulsory conditions. They will have no fear. They will never betray, steal, lie or encourage any of these because all these things are traps of karma and it takes lifetimes to shrug it off from the system.


Created By Sabrina Koletic


Those who use the spiritual path for achieving spiritual powers essentially for their own gratification or to prove to the world. They are the immature lot who would do anything to impress the world and, in a way, conquer the unsuspecting spiritualists. They are always alert. They plan, plot and even betray those who trust them with their life, as their aims are totally selfish. They are predatorial, aggressive, cunning, intelligent, (using their intelligence for conquests), skills of public display of their acquired powers, often trap entities through mantras and make them work for them and even use those entities to trap their clients or bring them to their knees and control their minds to create slaves. They are very dangerous people. Once they have sucked the sap of the ones in their control, they will go for fresh ones. They thrive on conquests. A true spiritual seeker should have extreme clarity as to what he or she is seeking, otherwise they could easily get trapped with such spiritualists and their sensation oriented methods. The tragedy is that, when one is with such spiritual teachers who use power to control, they would never know that they are trapped. They would even feel that they are much better off from the rest of the world and will adore the teacher and his prowess more easily because he controls their minds. They restrict their subjects from thinking independently and will make them believe through mind control and fear that the rest is all bad for them. Hence, one of the most important points that every spiritual seeker should keep in mind is that “All that glitters is NOT GOLD”. Also that if someone is in a hurry to prove something to you, especially their spiritual prowess, be watchful and be very careful. Powers are easy to acquire, but easy to lose as well. Inherent powers and its spontaneous usage without mind getting involved cannot be put in the cause and effect category of karma.


This is this chapter of life. Living in truth and living truth against all odds is not an easy task. It takes guts and more than guts, it takes GRACE to stay alive. Hence this letter is a letter of gratitude.

Numerous masters walked into my life. Some were in form and some were formless. The whole Datta tradition was revealed to me slowly and spontaneously by these masters and they still do. I do not claim to know even an inch of the tradition because the tradition of sanatana dharma (the eternal religion) out of which all traditions are based, is truly unfathomable. When I asked for aloneness, quietness and solitude, they pushed me into the world of noises and prejudices and made me to swim against the waves of sundry noises. Later I realised that the actual silence sits in the core of these noises and by avoiding them, you will never reach its core. And unless you keep your inner boat steady, the noises could overwhelm it and sink it completely. I saw many such sunken and half sunken boats in the path of liberation. The task was to keep the inner boat steady against all the external waves. It will always be the masters, who are huge ships compared to our little boat who will guide and hold us, who help us to navigate through time. I hereby express my unequivocal indebtedness to each and every one of them. Each one contributed at each point in time so that the boat kept moving.

There is only one love – Unconditional LOVE. The rest are all illusions. The situation more dangerous than the waves outside of the boat are the erratic and unstable fellow passengers. When they become seasick, some of them perform bizarre behavior patterns. Their solidarity and vows of companionship until the common destination are thrown in the winds. They jump out of the boat often jeopardizing the lives of fellow passengers. Unfortunately, most of them do not make it to the shore. They drown in the world of noises and illusions. I have watched this spectacle, quite helplessly, many times.


School girl Indu from Karnataka asked me this question: “Mohanji, what makes you happy and what makes you sad?”   I would like to answer her through this message.

Acts of compassion makes me happy. When people spontaneously, without thinking, display love and compassion unto the society, it makes me happy. When generations enjoy peace and love, I am happy. When people love and serve all and I am happy. Well being of my fellow beings irrespective of gender and species makes me happy.

Cruelty, acts of violence and insensitivity towards fellow beings makes me sad. Betrayals of the most trusted friends make me sad. When people who I trust lie to me, while I know well that they are lying, It makes me sad even though I allow them to experience themselves as liars 100% without interference. And such lies badly affect their conscience to an irreparable extent.

Mohanji 4


I am a hardcore romantic. I have always been. My first and foremost love with this incarnation is towards the nature. This includes the beings of nature. I love the various emotions of nature. I see the changes. Most of all, I see the underlying love beneath all the flavours of nature. I am convinced that nature can only love. No other emotions work with nature. There is love in her storms and rains too. Nature is love. This is why when people insensitively harm the beings of nature, I become terribly disturbed. This is unnatural for me. When a lion is not hungry, the zebra is safe. When man’s recreation encroaches into the freedom of other beings, it disturbs me. Live and let live.


As most of you know, I am a very private person. I consider myself as empty and reasonably illiterate which I later found as a great advantage. The more literate one is, the less flexible he is. I have never been predatorial. I never snatched anything from anybody. As far as I can remember, I never cheated, never stole or never betrayed. I never betrayed the trust of anybody. Many people have betrayed my trust over them. But, then I always believe in eventual justice. Justice always happens irrespective of time. Their illusions will break and they will come to know what they have done.  Justice could be delayed, but never denied. I have seen this justice at work in the most decisive manner. I keep repeating that I am not someone else; I am not any of the past masters nor will be any of the future. I am not Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Baba or Mahaveera. This body is called Mohan and will die as Mohan. When people see resemblances of past masters or incarnations of the past in me, that could very well be their mental projection, imagination or dharmic and consciousness resemblance. (When the message and operating frequency becomes the same at least sometimes, the matter may also look the same).

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Mohanji respect

Mohanji on service.jpg

I always tell the world the message or knowledge that came to me or the truth that happened to me. I do not know anything else. I have no acquired knowledge sitting in me, waiting to burst forth. I am always empty. That way, I have no agenda and I am always free. What can be truly called ours? That which has happened to us or that which is with us. Nothing else at all. The rest are all borrowed. Since I have a body, I have all the needs of every body. Since I have an operating mind, I resonate every feeling and emotion associated with an operating mind. Since I have an intellect, I do relish knowledge at times. But, I am none of these. I am connected to all these only in the operational level and only on the basis of need. I maintain my separation from all these so that they never bind me. I feel pleasures and pains as much as I have to. Nothing more and nothing less. I am not different from anybody who has a body, mind, ego and intellect. I like to maintain this originality of incarnation at all times to avoid all confusions and “larger than life” projections. I feel the seemingly extraordinary revelations that I have had are accessible to anybody. I am not special. But, remember, the key is inside of you. When the knowledge breaks forth from inside, it is real. The rest is acquired knowledge and they are someone else’s experience or guidance. The problem with acquired knowledge is that it could become a burden, bias or concept that feeds the ego without us being aware of it. When ego takes over, the urge to prove to the world becomes a dire necessity. These are all traps. I always stay away from it. There is nothing to prove to the world. All we can do is live our truth with utmost honesty. Those who truly love you, will never leave you through the summers, winters, springs and rains of our life. Those who do not care will leave you at the drop of a hat. Bless them and send them away with peace and love and never hate.

I talked a lot even though my original plan was to just express my gratitude to all of you out there for being with me, loving me, hating me, walking with me and accommodating me at various points in time during this incarnation, which I sincerely hope will be the final. 🙂
I love you. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I hereby extend my sincere apologies to each and every one of you, if I have hurt you in anyways, intentionally or unintentionally. While walking the life, we may walk over many beings which might cause their death. We do not mean it. A sincere heart filled with gratitude is the only thing we can maintain during this existence with a firm decision that we shall never be selfish and we shall give back to earth much more than we take from her. I sincerely appreciate those who loved me. I appreciate those who betrayed me too. They all added value to my life one way or the other because through all these encounters, I witnessed another flavour of life. Life is a continuous flow. It keeps flowing. Ocean is ahead. All of us will reach the ocean sooner or later. While I float towards the ocean of dissolution in the boat called existence, my conscience is my row. Unconditional Love is the water that takes my boat forward. The waves that sometimes shake the boat and confuse its people are the ego and mind. Tradition is the sky. Grace is the sunshine. Love of nature is the breeze. I am responsible for all those who are in my boat and I will always be. How can I be responsible for those who are not in my boat?


Let us shed our prejudices and be together forever in this short life. Differences are only in the ego state of the waking mind. The same differences does not exist in any other states. Be aware. Be clear. Be together. I love you and am always with you, irrespective of time, space and moods. Whenever you remember me, I am yours. When you love me or hate me, I live with you, in your heart. When you enrich yourself through consistent acts of kindness, you are enriching the whole universe, which includes me. If you love me, express it to the beings around you. The beings around you are my self in other forms. I am not alone here. I am not just this incarnation. I am everything. I am everybody. I am both you and I. So, please do more for the world. Give to mother earth much more than you take from her. You are consuming food, water, sunshine, wind and numerous other things from earth. Now, concentrate on giving back to earth much more than you have ever consumed in the form of kindness, compassion, tolerance, love, togetherness, so on and so forth.

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Many members of our Global Family are celebrate this day. Thank You.12717565_10153215594692161_1093037557489172312_n


I am with you always. I love you always. I will always be.

Endless Love

Yours Mohanji


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    Thank You for giving us idea what Unconditional Love really means, and for showing us that we alone deserve it, and that we alone are that Love.
    Thank You for you’re not only the sign by the road as you always humble say it – but being the road itself and the force that carry us. You are Everything.
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  52. Song dedication to Shri Guruji Birthday Blessings

    Ek tera saath – By being with you

    Ek tera saath hamko do jahaan se pyaara hain
    By being with you, by being with you we love the two worlds

    Tu hai to har sahaara hai
    By having you we have all your support

    Na mile sansaar, Na mile sansaar tera pyaar to humara hai
    Even if we don’t get the world, we still have your love

    Tu hai to har sahaara hai
    By having you we have all your support

    Na mile sansaar, Na mile sansaar tera pyaar to hamara hai
    Even if we don’t get the world, we still have your love

    Tu hai to har sahaara hai
    By having you we have all your support

    Ek tera saath – By being with you
    Maa ki mamta hai tujh mein hai Sai Mohanji pita ka pyaar bhara hai

    O Sai Mohanji you have motherly love and you are filled with fatherly love

    doob jaane ko is prem saagar mein kare man har kissi ka

    Everyone feels like drowning themselves in this ocean of love

    doob jaye jo, doob jaaye jo Sai bas wohi kismatwala hai
    Fortunate are those who drown themselves in the divine love

    Tu hai to har sahaara hai

    By having you we have all your support

    Na mile sansaar, Na mile sansaar tera pyaar to humara hai
    Even if we don’t get the world, we still have your love

    Tu hai to har sahaara hai
    By having you we have all your support

    Ek tera saath – By being with you

    Sai Mohanji tere is, Gulshan mein rehkar ham, Toh aise khil ute hain

    Sai Mohanji by dwelling in your garden, we have bloomed like this

    Aandhi ya tufaan koi bhi aajaye, Hilaana hamko paaye
    Storm or Cyclone, whatever comes in our way, we will remain unshaken.

    Tera yeh gulshan, Tera yeh gulshan sai Mohanji ghar ye humara hai

    This garden of yours o’ Sai Mohanji is our home

    Tu hai to har sahara hai, ek tera saath
    By having you we have all your support, by being with you

    Hum tumhare hai, ek saath hai tumhara, lena kya iss jahaan se
    We are yours, and by being with you, We dont need anything from this world

    yeh duniya kya, tere liye sai, choreinge do jahaan bhi
    For you O’Sai Mohanji, we are ready to give up not just this world but the two worlds also

    Tera yeh gulshan, Tera yeh gulshan sai ghar yeh humara hai, Tu hai to har sahara hai

    This garden of yours o’ Sai Mohanji is our home,By having you we have all your support

    Ek tera saath – By being with you

    aj aye hum sab tere angan mein, yeh teri hi daya hai
    Its by your grace that today we have all come to your courtyard

    Aanewale saal bhi manaye iss tarha yehi bas ab dua hai
    Its our call that we celebrate the coming year in this way

    Pyar mein iss shaam, Pyar mein iss shaam ko aakash se utaara hai
    Brought down this evening from the sky with love

    Tu hai to har sahaara hai
    By having you we have all your support

    Na mile sansaar, Na mile sansaar tera pyaar to humara hai
    Even if we don’t get the world, we still have your love

    Tu hai to har sahaara hai
    By having you we have all your support

    Ek tera saath – By being with you
    Ek tera saath – By being with you
    Ek tera saath – By being with you

  53. Dear Guruji & the son of Sai Baba,

    Wish you a very happy birthday. I have read many articles by you and thanks for educating and giving peace poor souls like me.

    With warmest regards,
    Easwaramurthy M

  54. O Embodiment of Hallowed Qualities, you transcend all gunas. For breaking the bondage of this Samsara, you bear the human form. We adore you. Though you are the refuge of mind and speech, you are beyond the reach of either. My heart’s cave is resplendent with your presence. O Cherished one, my one true treasure is Thy blessed feet. _/\_
    With gratitude, I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

  55. Jai Mohanji ,happy birthday Baba 🙏🏻🎂
    You are God light power shining every hour , may this chapter of your journey be fulfilled so you merge with the divine with Joy. we ; your family will do our best to make your light shine through us so you don’t have to come back again and help us ! Keep us in your boath father ,we will reach the librations with your unconditional LOVE !

    Love you father

  56. Dearest Divine Soul Mohanji, Composition of words is not sufficient to express the Gratitude and Love I feel for You. You have elevated my spirituality & given Us All sooo much of Your Self. I feel truly truly Blessed for Your presence in Our Lives. Today is Your Special Day yet You have filled Our day with so much of Unconditional Love & Blessings. Last night I dreamt that We were covered & protected in Your golden, radiant light – Thank You for that. Your Birthday is a Blessing to Us as It is significant of Your decision to start the Mohanji chapter of Your Divine Soul hence allowing Us to be near You.

    I would like to dedicate this to You: “There’s a Name so Divine such as Mohanji, He is Here, He is There, Everywhere.
    He has come to this land to protect Us for He heard as we cried at His Feet.”

    We LOVE You lots & lots GuruDev – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

    Love from Sholane & Sayijal
    Pretoria South Africa

  57. Pranams to the lotus feet of the divine Lord Shiva (my beloved Father) in the form of the beloved Gurudev, Mohanji. Please accept my humble salutations and prostrations to You _/\_

    i thank you over and over again for your divine grace, love and compassion that you bring to this world. For making a difference and taking away sorrows without even asking for anything in return. That is the heart of Shiva. Ever so humble and caring. I am so blessed to know you and i wish you a blessed birthday. hugs

    lots of love, your daughter ☺

  58. Dearest Guruji, there is no words to describe how lucky I am to have a presence of such Master in my life. Thank You for being my mother, father and my Guruji. I love You and I wish You all the best for Your birthday! Thank you for your guidance.

  59. Dear and respected Mohanji
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. We offer hugs from our soul like flowers on your Lotus feet. Om Sai Ram, Akansha, Alka and Neel from Toronto Canada.

  60. Many many happy returns of the day and pranaams dear mohanji, tysm for ur selfless work of liberating the individuals tgrough your guidance , may ur blessings be always with us and during our tough times….and tysm mohanji for wishing me on my birthday 25th jan, i never expected but from the bottom of the heart i was feeling dat u will call and i received ur call…..really want to meet u personally ……once again happy bdae….

  61. Dearest Mohanji,
    Baji & I felt so nice after speaking with you today. Love UUUUUU lots.
    Wishing you iHappy Birthday once again.
    Your b’day message is very beautifully written. Loved reading it.
    Thanks for your blessings and thanks for being with us always.
    We know you are with us astrally, but we still want to meet you and hug you.
    Love and Light.
    Naoshad, Baji & Shernaz

  62. “Beloved Mohanji, on this auspicious day, as Loving Hearts around the world celebrate You in myriad Joyous ways, your Mohanji Family in Johannesburg, also celebrate Your Divine Entry into this physical Earth time space continuum. We are so mightily Blessed and Graced by Your Exquisitely Radiant Presence in our lives. Thank You for Your flowing Grace, Love and Guidance always. Bless Bless Bless You our Beloved Data ShivaNath Guru Mohanji, Deviji and little Mila, as well all You hold dear. Thou art our Trishulda Sai Nath Guru Mohanji. Om Namah Shivaya – from Your Mohanji Johannesburg Family”🙏💙🌹💙🙏

  63. Wish you a very happy bday Father. Thank you for always being there and guiding us and making us a part of your family — Kedar & Priti

  64. A very happy birthday to you Baba! Thanks for being there. I really wish and pray that we are able to reflect your teachings and able carry a little of ‘Mohanji’ inside us all the time. Please keep us close to you.
    Wishing you many more such birthdays. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  65. Pranams to the lotus feet of Mohanji !

    Many Many Happy returns of the day Mohanji,You are the embodiment of Love.
    with lots of Love ,

  66. Wish you a happy and beautiful Birthday dearest Father. My whole life is You. You lead by example, only you know what all you truly do for everyone. May we be emptier and emptier to serve You better. We have hope on Earth because of You!
    You bring meaning to everything. You make my existence worthwhile. You make experiencing this life worthwhile. You make the sunshine look more beautiful. You make people more lovable. You make us love ourselves. Just a peep into your vision of unconditionality elevates us, changes our lives. We needed you. We are so fortunate to have a living Master guide us.

    Love you!

  67. Seated in the Lotus of my Heart as my Beloved I AM Presence O my Beloved Datta SaiNath Guru of the Eternally Elegant Tradition , Mohanji … Mohan Sai – Om Namah Shivaya!
    Your ‘Birthday’ message is profoundly Beautiful. Like many who read it, Your message also stirred my heart deeply, How Truly Blessed is this world, and our own personal lives as well, when U made Your Entry …. not born … no … but made Your Entry here some 50 years ago!
    I cannot Thank You enough for the Love and Grace You have poured and still continue to pour into my life and that of my family.
    Nothing makes You happier than Kindness and Compassion to all Life … and Seva to those in need … with NO EXPECTATION(s) whatsoever.
    Thank You for inspiring me to do this, for opening my heart in Loving Seva in whatever way befits my means.
    Thank You for Your Everloving Guiding Hand as You help me break the bonds that bind, as You clearly steer me onward and upward in the Liberating Pathless Path Home.
    Bless Bless Bless Your Beloved Parents as they guided Your Entry into this physical dimension called Earth. So limitless numbers of Souls have been touched by Your Eternally Blazing Love Force and Light, and so many many to come …
    Bless Bless Bless Your Beloved Wife Devi, and Beautiful child, Mila … and yes! Bless Bless You Mohanji, my Beloved SatGuru Deva – Shiva Sai .
    Jai Mohanji
    Om Namah Shivaya
    I Love You

  68. Blessed by your grace and infinite, perfect Love. Your birth into this world, the way you so selflessly give yourSelf (through words, presence, guidance, protection and so much more we cannot even begin to grasp) is the most amazing gift we could have ever dreamt of. Let us live, breathe and act always in the awareness of Your divine Love. Thousand times “Thank you” wouldn’t be enough to convey this beautiful feeling and to express gratitude for all you are, but I know we are connected, we are one, so You know 😉 May you bright, healing Soul continue to shine forth in all direction, to liberate us from illusion and guide as all back to Your Heart, our home. Love you always ❤

  69. Happy birthday dear Mohanji !!! Wish you all the best from my heart and thank you for giving us light where and when we need it !!!

  70. Happy Bday and wishing you all the best! Thank you for your love and you are my light in life! I love you!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  71. Wish you many many more happy returns of the day … For the sake of humanity, for us sadhakas to be inspired for many generations to come , may the Gurus wish you to live long !! Rare is the opportunity to be in satsang with such a being established in shivoham.
    Jai Sairam

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