A Leased Life

This is about a potential mishap averted by the grace of Masters. We have compiled Mohanji’s account about the incident which He posted in a private group and responses from various people who responded to the post with their premonitions and intuitions related to this event.

Dear Embodiments of Love,


I did not sleep last night. There was no particular reason that I can think of. Yet, there was some kind of a peace at heart. A deep contentment; when I felt like I was satisfied with everything and everything was in completion now. As usual, there were many things to handle from various corners of the earth and the night just passed away. Yet, I had no fatigue. Even though myself and Kamath had to leave for Bangalore airport only at 9 am, I was fresh and ready after my morning ablutions by 5 am. I was staying at Duggals’ house in Bangalore. Mr. Duggal came to the room before I left. He told me that he realized that our one and only priority was to stabilize our activities in all parts of the world so that Mohanji’s energy would not get scattered and dissipated as much as it was happening now with the incessant backbreaking travels. He agreed to be part of the advisory board because he was clear in his heart about the direction that we must travel hereafter. We had our breakfast and we left for the airport.


We reached in time to the airport and checked ourselves in. As I was headed towards the gates, I was affected by a severe nagging lower back pain. I attributed it to the sleepless night and the hectic schedules. This pain continued on through the rest of the day. In any case, not something that could keep me from working further. I spoke to Mr. Row about the advisory board and he quite willingly became part of it. While waiting for the flight, I spoke at length with my uncle over the phone on some domestic matters which I normally do not discuss with anybody. My habit is just to provide and never to question.

Mohanji and Nadanandaa

The flight to Delhi was full. We took off on time. Myself and Kamath were in adjacent aisle seats. I was discussing with him about my commitments this year only for India and the number of available days between now and the end of the year. As is usually the case, there were too many commitments and six months was insufficient to complete it all. The flight was unusually turbulent. Children were crying out of fear. Many times the hostesses stopped serving food and the seat belt sign was perennially on. I was in my own zone and not really affected by the environment as usual. I did feel something was wrong with the flight! Again, when I get into myself, I don’t feel anything outside. The flight landed on time. We had a long walk to the airport exit gate. Mrs. Preeti Duggal was waiting at the airport with her car to receive us. When I met her at the arrival gate, I decided to sit down to ease my back pain. Kamath went to fetch the checked-in bags. Once we had our bags, we left for Phaneendar’s house where we were staying.


It is a regular habit for me to call Avadhoota Nadananda before I start my travels and also after completion. He is like the grandfather of the house who we keep informed. And, of course, this means that we get his protection and blessings for the journey too. I forgot to speak to him before starting the journey which is very unusual. After reaching the destination, Sujatha garu picked up the phone when I called. She told me that Avadhoota Nadananda was totally unwell. I requested her to tell him that we have arrived safely and my call was just to inform him on this matter.

Mohanji (111)

Five minutes later, Avadhoota Nadananda himself called me. His voice was feeble and hardly audible. There was a palpable weakness. He asked “I told you not to travel on this flight. This flight was supposed to crash. Did you experience jerking?” I said “Yes Guruji, the flight was unusually turbulent. It was like a roller coaster ride almost all the way.” He said “Right from the morning until I heard you have arrived safe, all I was doing was to avert an accident and protect you. (the “you” included Kamath who was with me on the same flight plus all the fellow travellers). This flight was supposed to crash and all the people were supposed to die. We were working hard to save the flight. I had told you not to take this flight. You did not listen to me.” I said ” That is not true. I do not remember you telling me not to take this flight. Perhaps you never told me. If I had heard this from your mouth, I would definitely have changed it. I did have this severe back pain immediately after I checked in.” He said “You are an adventurous person. You like playing with danger. The back pain is the least compared to what would have happened.” I said “It is true that I have no fears. But that’s not the case here, Guruji. I do not remember you telling me.” The back pain was a sign of the averted death. Death was converted into a back pain and a new lease of life was given.

Mohanji Birthday

Anyway, all’s well that ends well. Another death averted by the grace of Guruji and the masters of Gyanganj. The last time when I met him, Guruji told me that my trip to Gyanganj was due and only after I come back from there would I be ready to write my autobiography (or biography). Destiny’s practical joke and the hands of Masters averting a disaster and Mohanji’s body is right here to talk about it! Life indeed is a practical joke! My endless gratitude to Guruji and the Guru Mandala for looking after this “adventurous wanderer” who walks the path of pathless following only one rule – KARMA with one objective DHARMA towards one destination LIBERATION.

Mohanji and Nadananda unconditional love

I love you more than you know. I am happy that I got another chance to tell you this. Otherwise, the last time we spoke would have been my last words to you. Even if I go, I am sure that I will live and express love through the hearts of at least some people in this world. Life has given me great relatives. My relatives are those who walked with me at each point in life. All of you who are walking with me now are my true relatives. Your love sustains me. And I am glad I am here to convey this to you today. I will remain in this body with the same personality, as long as it takes along with all the strengths, weaknesses, perfections, imperfections and information. We may walk together for some more time. Who has seen the future anyway? And who really cares? I shall talk as long as I can. You can always talk my words if you believe in them. Nobody can stop these words from flowing forever.



Mohanji - Weekend Program - Macedonia - 29 May 2016 (387)


On hearing this news, some followers of Mohanji spoke about the premonitions they saw and intuitions they had today and yesterday. We share them to provide greater insight into the above post – Team Mohanji

Rajesh Kamath (Dharamshala, India): 4 days back on Sunday, Mohanji had written a long post on the need for ashrams in different countries to create sustainable powerful spaces for spiritual development for the community. In that post, He asked thrice on what would happen after His death? Since then, He was constantly talking about dying and leaving the body. Before the flight, he spoke to several key people in the organization and His family (Sumit, Mamu, Madhu, his uncle, and family), inducting people into the advisory board to take care of future direction and telling Rajiv bhaiyya (Mr. Duggal) the direction in which the mission should go in the days ahead. It was as if He was completing things. Even on the flight, he was ticking off tasks on the TO DO list with intensity. The flight was unusually turbulent hitting the bad pockets with regularity. There was a baby that was howling like crazy. She was vomiting and also screaming her lungs out throughout the flight. Kept at for 3 hours. Very, very unusual. I felt bad for her. Now I feel that she may have had an inkling of what was to happen. I wasn’t too bothered by the turbulence except maybe with a bit of alarm since it was unusual. I was in such high energy when the flight landed. I normally am excited but not that excited. I removed the seat belt while we were taxiing and then wondered why I am getting so restless. Also, when I got the bags, I was fidgeting so much due to excess energy. I guess subconscious gratitude for being alive. In hindsight, I can only say, “Jaako rakhe Saiya maar sake na koi”. (Who can hurt the one who is protected by Sai = Mohanji for me). Another one that Sumit had told me recently on the recent Kailash pilgrimage, “Akaal mryutyu se woh maray jo kaam kare chandaal ka, Kaal uska kya kare jo bhakta ho Mahakaal ka” (They die an untimely death who do the work of the devil, but even Time is helpless before a devotee of Mahakaal, Lord Shiva?”) And mercifully, Mahakaal (again = Mohanji) was sitting on the aisle seat next to mine.

Anujan TM (Thenezhi Mana, Kerala): No words to show our gratitude towards Guruji and Guru Mandala. Always be careful. In the morning, Mohanji talked to me for a long time. At the end, I didn’t know I was crying. What was the reason? I don’t know. I asked Him to be in touch with me always. He said that He will. At that time, tears falling from my eyes. O God! O Guruji! Protect my… nay …our Mohanji always. Jai Maa. Jai Guruji.

Devi Mohan (Novi Sad, Serbia): I am speechless,  totally overwhelmed. I was in Zemun (near Belgrade) the whole day. While attending a sermon in Serbian Orthodox Church in Zemun around 11 am, I felt something very strange intuitively. It’s Vidovdan, a day that marks the battle in Kosovo in 1389 when all Serbian men who could fight went to Kosovo and lost their lives fending off the Ottoman invasion. When the chant invoking Divine blessing for the souls of these men was being chanted (Gospodi pomiluj), for some strange reason, I was crying and praying for Mohanji and all of us as well. This was totally beyond the mind and, only now, do I get to understand what really happened. No words could ever express my gratitude to beloved Nadananda and Guru Mandala for allowing the Grace of Mohanji’s physical presence in our lives. I can’t explain this to Mila now but deep inside I know she knows. She told me today all of a sudden (reverberating my words from before) that we should be grateful we have legs to walk with, eyes to see, and one another to love. I feel so blessed.  Love and only love.

Madhusudan Rajagopalan (Mumbai, India): This morning, Mohanji spoke to me briefly. He was His usual self – putting me at ease, asking about my wellbeing, and then discussing a couple of Mohanji Foundation related tasks that I was supposed to work on. He joked about the Kailash trip coming up. He spoke about the current volatile time, advising me to stay calm in all circumstances. In short, His usual self – all concern for me, and totally nonchalant about Himself. Later today when I read his write-up, my hair literally stood on end. The first thought that came to mind was “What if?”… In multiple conversations in recent weeks, a recurring theme from Mohanji has been that of completion. About how this incarnation for him was all about squaring off “transactions” with people across lifetimes. About how His time needs to be used better and what the organisation needs to do to enshrine his Ra for posterity. At multiple instances, He repeated “I don’t matter, this body doesn’t matter, the tradition matters”. Another time He spoke about visions that portended turbulent times ahead. At that time, we just heard it and gaped at Him. Little did we know what was coming!

I had read an anecdote about an earlier Kailash pilgrimage (Editor’s note in) where Mohanji was taking dips in Mansarovar Lake on behalf of several souls and He was at great risk of losing His life; He was saved in the nick of time by Masters but warned about tremendous upheavals in his life . But today’s episode truly shook me up. A story from Swami Rama’s book (Living with the Himalayan Masters) comes to mind – at one point, his Master decides to leave his body but Swami Rama and a couple other disciples can’t accept it and this compels their Master to come back. Our situation with Mohanji isn’t any different – we are nowhere ready to deal with a world without His loving physical presence. We do not realise what we are taking for granted. I’m filled with gratitude towards Guruji and the Masters that saved Mohanji. At the same time, I guess this is also a wake-up call for all his followers to maximise every moment, beat the inherent tamas in ourselves and take concrete steps to help Mohanji fulfil his grand vision.

Ana Raos (Bosnia, Bosnia and Herzegovina): On Tuesday, I went to the Bosnian Pyramids with another devotee, Sandra. We spent more than 2 hours in the tunnel Ravne. It was a hot sunny day when we went inside. Coming outside the tunnel, we saw a thunderstorm coming. We found a place to eat dinner when two dogs appeared. One of them was young while the other one was old and had sad eyes. We fed them but the old one just wanted to be by our side and didn’t want to eat anything. He understood every word we said. We had a problem with the waiter who wanted the dogs to leave. He was scared to death that his boss would come and kill the dogs. But the dogs didn’t want to leave. They stuck to us. I told the old dog to hide under the table and relax so he did. I was worried that he was sick.

There was thunderbolt, lightning, rain and wind. The dog even jumped into the car when we were about to leave. I felt so bad leaving him behind. Stray dogs are a common problem in Bosnia so Sandra and I discussed how to help and find a permament solution. I felt that the old dog was seeking someone to die by his or her side. Then, the both of us, Sandra and I had the same thought: what if this is Mohanji? Putting the word death and Mohanji in one thought, one sentence made us restless. We were talking for hours about this unusual day, analysing what happened, what we realised and how we can improve and increase our awareness. We had a strong feeling of missing Mohanji and expressed the wish to see him in his physical body as soon as possible.

After that, I was lying in my bed about 4 A.M. thinking where Mohanji was, how he was doing, etc. I felt ashamed to ask for anything because I knew that he is working without a break. Then his message about the murder of sentient beings for the sake of food arrived. I finally fell asleep. The next day I felt so restless, so weak, didn’t know what to do with myself until his message about leased life arrived. I let all the fear out, cried and felt relieved and so grateful that Mohanji was protected. Dear Father, we love you and we feel you and still need your physical body. Actually, there are no words to express the gratitude you deserve. Jai Mohanji!

Malleshwari Nandiraju (Bengaluru, India): Incidentally, yesterday’s Rays of Grace (a daily series of quotes from Guruji, Avadhoota Nadanandaji, posted on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc) was also on Death. I was thinking why I am choosing to write it, but then it’s not me. Guruji writes it through me, so just posted. Now, while reading through the blog, was recollecting my thoughts

Amitha Hughes (Johannesburg, South Africa):  This last week, I have been connecting to you more than ever. I was thinking and connecting so madly with you. Thinking of you brought tears to my eyes. I kept on thinking that I can’t wait to see you. My left eye was constantly flickering which is not a good sign for me. It is a foreboding for bad news. This made me edgy. I kept on wondering what I was about to hear. They were not definite beats. That would have been an ominous sign. The fluttering which continued all throughout this afternoon as well. It has stopped now. We are so utterly grateful to Guruji (Avadhoota Nadanandaji) and the Guru Mandala for keeping you and all the passengers and crew safe. Thank You for not leaving us, Mohanji Baba. So many of us would have been orphans. And what about Devi, Mila, Amma and Achchan! Another song has come through which I cannot wait to sing to you. Bless you, my Mohanji Baba

Preethi Gopalarathnam (Mumbai, India): I wrote this to Father on 8th june. “Where are you leaving me and going? Why is my soul crying – “Appa (Father), don’t leave me and go”? Where are you going? What is happening, Father? I read the Shripada Shrivallabha Charitamrutam as if i was experiencing everything. I was sobbing for no reason when i finished the book. I felt like you are leaving. Father, please don’t leave me. I have no reason to live. I might have a whole lot of karma but i know my soul wants only you. I am sobbing when I write this. Please don’t leave us. We will all die. Life has no purpose. No meaning at all.” Little did i know it would be so close to reality 20 days from then! I am forever indebted and filled with gratitude to the Guru Mandala for protecting you. I have no meaning in life, Father, if you are not around.

Taiji (Gurgaon, India): Earlier, I used to bless Mohanji, His family, my family and the world at the end of my prayers. I used to surround them with bright white light and pray for their happiness and wellbeing. Off late, i had discontinued this practice due to my ill-health. Interestingly, I restarted this practice four or five days back and I would pray for Mohanji separately, followed by his family (Devi, Mila), then my family and then the rest of the world. Also, I would pray incessantly to the Divine Mother to protect and enhance my Guru Mohanji’s lifespan. I was wondering if it was foolish on my part to do so and if praying for my Guru’s lifespan is not right because He is the Highest in terms of evolution. Now I understand the subconscious reason behind the changed behaviour.

Snezana Popov (Doha, Qatar): I live and work in Qatar and I was planning a holiday in Serbia, my native land. So I wanted to buy a ticket for 21st June. I had a month before leaving. I didn’t have commitments at work and it was Ramadan (a quiet period in Qatar), I somehow patiently waited to spend the summer with my daughter. At the beginning of Ramadan, Qatar was put in isolation by the neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia, etc which implied problems with flights. Suddenly, people started displaying some restlessness, mild panic, uncertainty and discomfort. Days went on slowly and 21st June was approaching. Suddenly I started to feel upset and the feeling was related to my travel. Certain restless thoughts were occurring that something was going to prevent me from being with my daughter. Something was wrong with the flight – either it would be canceled, the country borders may be closed or even the airplane may crash. At that moment, I was not completely aware of these thoughts. The awareness only came later. I discarded the negative thoughts, not wanting to go back to them. But I still felt something was wrong with that flight.

One morning I received a message from Father which surprised me very much. He asked me if I was in Qatar and enquired about the situation. He asked me not to stay there and leave as soon as possible. I told him when I supposed to travel. He asked me whether I could leave earlier. And his message ended there. In a nutshell, try to leave earlier and be careful. Normally, Father seldom communicated with me one on one. Hence, I was a bit astounded by His sudden message. Only at that moment, putting it all in perspective, did I realise that my feelings and thoughts, from a few days before, were a clear sign that I had to change the flight, which I did. I changed it for 19th June. It was quite a problematic procedure. Getting the dates changed in the system and waiting to get the exit permit by Sunday noon since I needed to travel immediately on Monday early morning. The aim was clear that I didn’t want anything to spoil a holiday with my child. The warning and the message from Father came at the right moment so that I could make a proper decision with relief and change the flight. I arrived in Serbia without any problems.

Now, a week later, Father published his experience on His travel. A few hours ago, questions started crossing my mind. Why did I come earlier? Why did I change the ticket? There it goes, everything was fine. Thank God. But there was certainly some reason. I am convinced in that I did the right thing, following my inner feeling based on the message I received then. An answer was supposed to follow. An hour later I was reading Father’s experience and automatically felt that the flight he survived was the flight with which I was supposed to come on 21st June. That’s what I felt. He took on the problems upon Himself to relive me of them. Immediately I wrote the message. “Father, perhaps it was the flight I was supposed to fly with…” I was just putting things together and not expecting any answer from him. However the answer came,”Yes, I know.” I immediately froze. With humility, tears and gratitude, I was speechless.

No matter how many times we say, “Thank you Father for all that you do for us”, it is not enough! My heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Father and all the saints who protect us.

Preeti Duggal (Bengaluru, India): This time when I met you in Bangalore before leaving for Delhi you were only talking about death and leaving your body. Today also I was really very uneasy and desperate to reach the airport and see you. Pranams and Gratitude to Guruji and the entire Guru Mandala for saving the Your life and all the people in the flight. Thank you Father!

Sandeep Mishra (Gevgelja, Macedonia):  Dearest Baba, After talking to You yesterday, I felt a very strong emotion when I was standing in front of Your picture. The thought came, “What if Baba leaves the body? Baba, through a few people I found out who I was in one of the incarnations and how my Master, back then, left His body by taking over my death. Baba, yesterday when this thought was passing, I prayed to You that this time I will go first and not You. And after some time, the emotion subsided. Baba, I love You. I pray for Your safety always. Baba 🌺❤🙏🏼

Rakshitha Ananth (Melbourne, Australia): Reading Father’s message this morning, I can’t think of what would have happened. For the last few days, my mind has been lingering over thoughts of death and i got some suicidal thoughts too. I was praying hard at Hanuman Chalisa chanting to give a long life to Father and me the strength to do as much as I can to serve his mission. I feel so relieved that Guru Mandala saved him. Long live Father. That’s my only prayer as always.

Nameshri Chetty (Johannesburg, South Africa) : Mere Mahadev 😥😥you know you really pull on some heart strings ❤ I was so emotional the whole of yesterday just crying for you (what you give of yourself and just you) during my sadhana the tears where rolling and now after hearing this, I am also crying 😥

Dejan Jovanovic (Split, Croatia): Exactly one month since the day before yesterday, I had a dream. Mohanji came to me and said, “I will die exactly in a month. It will happen but I will come back.” I asked to see what will happen after a month. Now I know.

Anubha Gulati (Delhi, India): Yesterday all day I had unusual body pains, slight fever, I couldn’t study, I couldn’t sit, nor could I sleep. I was so restless all day. Overall, I am in the best of health, no infection, no illnesses, all good. Hence, the pains and fever were actually very unusual. And, I woke up absolutely fine this morning to read your post. So there is a connection. Baba, I’m so thankful that you are fine. We don’t even realise, the armour that protects us each minute of every day. Thank you baba for the armour that you keep around me, protecting me 🌹

Chai Lai Siong (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia): I don’t know what to say at this point of time. Welcome to new life. I was frozen when i read what had happened to Mohanji. I felt Mohanji in that morning and I didn’t understand why. I had severe pain in my back since the morning for that whole day. I blamed the flight on which I flew back from China the night before. When I arrived in Malaysia, I couldn’t sleep and blamed the caffeine from the cup of tea I took on the way home from the airport. I was not in touch with anyone from Mohanji’s family (local Mohanji group) after Mohanji left Malaysia. I just practiced on my own. Sometimes I felt like I can’t bear with the society anymore. Only one thing with me is Mohanji, The Liberation. Love Mohanji. Always. Surrender and Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude

Jayashree Mukund (USA): I was daily praying to Guru Mandala and Divine Mother always❤❤ Today reading Mohanji’s post brought tears to my eyes on how unconditional love was always there for his devotees

Milica Bulatovic (Johannesburg, South Africa):  I also felt it. I was so emotional the whole morning and I don’t get emotional anymore that easily. This is a huge shock for me though and it is difficult to imagine life as of now without your physical presence, Father! So grateful that all is well now! How can we thank Guruji Nadananda!? Love you Father thank you for all you do for so so many in how many different dimensions! 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

Zoran (Hanumatananda) Stefanovski (Skopje, Macedonia): I felt it. I knew it. I had strong intuition you might leave your body these days, and I had an unusual amount of thoughts like “what will I do when physical body of Father is no more”, how will things change. You were definitely saved once more. Our love for you keeps you here on earth. We take you so much for granted it is unbelievable. Love you Father 🌺🌹🌷💐🌸❤❤❤

Ivana Kodzic (Belgrade, Serbia):I am overwhelmed by the feeling of gratitude for Mohanji staying with us. Again it is another reminder for us all, not to take living saints for granted and to wait for their physical death to worship them. I am sure that is the only reason why Tradition even let Mohanji to be on that flight, to teach us the lesson. Otherwise they would use stronger message to keep Him off that flight. Who ever knows Mohanji, knows that back pain cannot prevent him of fulfilling His mission. 💖🙌🙏🏻

Vidya Iyengar (Florida, USA): So thankful to all the Gurus and Guru Mandala! I wanted to share that from the past couple of days after doing the “aarati ” to Mohanji. I would automatically pray to the Gurus and Gurumandala to bless him and protect him. I had no idea where these thoughts were coming from. It was surprising to me also actually. However, I knew these thoughts were genuine and straight from the bottom of my heart. Jai Mohanji! 🙏🙏🙏

Priyanka Madangarli (Palakkad, India): I had a dream around 7th (or 8th) night in the early hours. I do not remember the time. It is a bit hard to describe but I will try. I saw myself watching from the inside of a plane where the travellers were extremely disturbed and were noisy. I saw Mohanji and faintly saw Rajesh Kamath travelling with Mohanji. The scenario felt extremely disturbing and I distinctly remember Nadanandaji in that plane. He was soooo big. Somewhere it looked like the plane is getting hijacked but was sure inside it was no way close to that. Suddenly I was pulled away from that disturbing scene and I saw myself descending down to the land where I clearly saw Mohanji receiving me and was quickly taken to a place where 3 to 4 more people were together. Mohanji gave a clear message saying you must write your experiences and also said that meetings like these can change your dimension. Then I was looking around to see a few people coming closer to Mohanji with folded hands and asking a few questions. And suddenly zing zing… I wake up to know it was a dream. Tried my best to sleep back. Got up thinking about this incident.🙏🏻