Mohanji’s message for ACT Day

My beloved colleagues and companions in service,

Ammucare and ACT day (November 9th 2016) 

The ACT Day. At least one positive ACT every day. This is what we believed in and what we will believe in forever. Our life depends on our disposition. A consistent positive disposition ensures a life of courage and confidence while the predominance of negative disposition will ensure tragedies. Our thought quotient or pattern of thinking has great value in our existence. Constant negative thoughts carry patterns suitable for psychosomatic ailments. Ability to swap negative thoughts with positive thoughts will help create a fulfilling, balanced existence. Thinking positive is very important. Keeping away from negative thoughts is equally important.

Love is our most powerful God-given strength. Love is light. Lightness ensures elevation. When we constantly express love, we become rich inside. Inner richness is the only richness that travels with us while living and while leaving.

EMPOWERMENT. LOVE. NON-VIOLENCE. They are the key pillars of ACT.

COMPASSION is our strength. INTEGRITY is the oxygen of ACT. ETHICAL LIFESTYLE is our way of life. We do what we say. We say what we do. We believe in living LOVE beyond any man-made boundaries. It is selfishness that creates walls. Selflessness needs no walls. We are here to help and heal the world. This is the purpose of our life.


A life well lived means a life lived for the helpless of the world. What can we gain from earth permanently, except the good vibrations from those to who we mean something good? Their blessings are our only permanent earnings as well as savings. We cannot lose these savings unless we indulge in acts of abusing, torturing, killing or harming the beings of earth through thoughts, words and actions. If we lead a life of kindness, the whole universe will work with us, empower us and protect us. ACT is a living proof of this point.

ACT took birth in 2003, on the day of the festival of lights in India. Dr. Namboothiri, P.P. Namboothiri, Pratapan, V.P.Nair and others came together and launched Ammucare in India. The same year Sankarji, Anand Nair, Ramdas and others joined hands to form ACT in Dubai. We express our sincere and deepest gratitude to these founding fathers of ACT. ACT grew and stabilised itself in many countries while Ammucare expanded itself in activities as well as locations within India. Young at heart, energetic people are leading ACT to greater heights and diversification each year.

When ACT was born in 2003, we had declared that ACT has no compulsory payments of any kind and will be 100% voluntary charity organisation beyond caste, creed, country, culture, colour, community and religious barriers. We care for mother earth and all our acts would be in line with that. We stayed with this principle. We remained transparent in all our activities and transactions. And the universe brought us to where we are today.

Thanks to elegant and eminent past and present leaders of Ammucare and ACT at each location, we will grow further each day. The team is our strength. Their strength of conviction, compassion and consistency is leading us forward. Our association with other selfless institutions and individuals has further strengthened our reach and activities. This has added more value, higher purpose and meaning to our actions. Thank You Global Leaders of ACT. Thank You – our close associates, Manav Seva Samithi, Skanda Vale, Bona Lasedi, Hope and Aid Direct, etc. We are growing together as one family.

A life lived in selfish pursuit is no life at all. Real gain is in our ability to express deep compassion and selflessness under all circumstances. There is a twisted culture of might as right that the world is used to since generations. This is exactly the misconception that created all the wars and deaths since thousands of years. Might means sheer power. Modern day Might is translated into money power, political power, people power, knowledge power, media power and sometimes spiritual power. Each has its own flavour and density even though the reason is the same, capture, conquer and use people and resources. This way of life only leaves us a barbaric species. This way of life detaches us from purity. This is totally selfish and earth bound.

The way to elevate ourselves is through kindness, compassion, unconditional love, unhooking from past, unbinding, and living a life of selflessness. This keeps us free and rich inside. Help the helpless unconditionally. Hurt never. Civilised generations are essential for the earth to survive further. And to be civilised, we should stop bloodshed across species. Every generation that spilled blood left behind a trail of wars and displacements.

ACT should bring awareness to the contemporary generation. They should become aware of the importance of living compassion, kindness, selflessness. Caste, creed, political bent or religious views have no meaning as much as being a good human being. Being Good and non-violent is essential for the future of the world. Every man, woman, child should think about it and adopt it. Profits will help only a few people. What is the use of profits at the cost of destruction of masses? When everything is destroyed, what is life? World does not need any more wars.

World needs awareness. World needs kindness. Let every ACT of kindness leave a message to the generations to come on the right way of life. The right way of living is living kindness, living non-violence and living compassion night and day.

I wish ACT Day a great success and let there be many more ACT Days beyond the boundaries of time. We are global citizens. It is our duty to wipe the tears of every being, beyond species. Moreover, it is our duty to not allow tears to happen by spreading love and happiness in the world around us. Let the future see no tears. Let there be NO WARS. No Separation. No displacements. No Violence.

My humble greetings to each one of you. I love you and I am you as much as you are me.

Best Regards

Little Drops Of The Ocean

Dev had a morning dream. In his dream, his grandpa visited his house and had breakfast with them. Soon after the breakfast, he bid good bye. Dev and his sister repeatedly pleaded him to stay back and tell them stories. But, grandpa seemed to be in a hurry. He told them, “Some other time, children, grandpa need to go”. And he left abruptly. Dev and his sister were crying when he was waving them good bye with a smile from his car. Later, he heard his father telling his mother, “He has moved on”. Grandpa has died. How can he die? How can he go so abruptly without more stories, hugs, kisses and cuddles? Dev cried and cried at the thought that he will never hear the loud laughter and enchanting stories of Grandpa. His sister, much smaller than him did not seem to be so affected and was immersed in waking up her dolls and preparing them for school.


The disturbed Dev got up from his bed and walked downstairs. When the 13 year old Dev came to the breakfast table his father was busy reading the news paper. He gently uttered “good morning”. His father looked at him, hugged him with one hand, while holding the news paper with the other, and with a light kiss, whispered in his ears with overwhelming love “Good Morning. Shine Bright Dev. A beautiful day is waiting for you”. Papa is always optimistic and sunny in his disposition. When he saw that his eyes had a tear drop about to fall, he asked with curiosity. “Which of your super hero friends died last night? Did you have a bad night?” He said “No Papa. Grandpa came and left us in a hurry to die”. His father looked at Dev with curiosity. “Did grandpa die in your dream?” Dev nodded. Papa thought for a while, holding Dev in his arms. Then he said loudly – partially to his mother and partially to him and his sister “Get ready. We are going to see grandpa and grandma. We need to make sure he is OK”. Dev jumped with joy. After all, he is not dead. He was relieved that it was only a dream. Papa seemed to be in an exceptionally light and jovial mood. He was always full of enthusiasm and child-like. His mother always used to urge him to take life more seriously. He would laugh it off and always made the atmosphere light in the house with his laughter and enthusiasm. The greatest recipient of his fun loving nature was his sister, who adored him beyond comparisons.

Dev’s grandparents lived an hour and a half away from where they lived, in the suburbs of the city. On the way, they stopped at a vegan shop for a quick take away. Dev’s father was a staunch vegan and always insisted on vegan diet at home and outside. He always made it a point to explain to his children why we should not support or pay for the death of animals even indirectly. He also insisted on having no seed sprouts at home because “They are foetus of plants. Eating sprouts is equal to eating foetus”.

Mohanji vegan lifestyle

Since it was Saturday, the traffic on the road was much lesser than usual. They moved quite fast. When they pulled their car to the driveway, Grandpa was sitting in his usual chair at the portico with a news paper in hand. Dev was relieved to see him. He is alive and well! Nothing has changed. He got up when he saw the car of his son. Even though he was surprised at their unexpected arrival, he was delighted to see them at his doorstep as a morning surprise. He called his wife “Kamla, look here, we have loads of joy delivered with the morning newspaper for a change”. He laughed his usual loud laughter. It was time for hugs, kisses and cuddles. Dev’s father told him “Papa, Dev had a dream that you died. That is the reason for our quick trip to see you”. Grandpa looked at Dev. “Oh, Did I? Dev, Then who is hugging you now?”. Dev became shy as if his secret has been unceremoniously spilled by his father. Grandpa hugged him and said “I will surely die, but, not yet – some other day!” He laughed and winked at Dev. Dev had a tear in his eyes. When his mother and sister went with grandma into the house, and his father went inside to use the toilet, he hugged grandpa and said “I cannot leave you grandpa – I don’t want you to die”. Grandpa soothed his hair and said “Nobody leaves anybody my child. We have to leave this body and this role someday. We are always together. Remember, your grandpa will always live in your heart”. Grandpa sat down on his favourite easy chair and drew Dev close to him. A few years ago, Dev would be on grandpa’s lap. Now, he is a bit too big for that. He sat on the floor and rested his head on grandpa’s lap. Grandpa leaned forward and caressed his hair. They spoke for a while. While they were talking, Dev steadily drifted away and slipped off into a peaceful sleep.

Mohanji eternal soul..

He slept for a while, peaceful and dreamless with a lot of relief in his heart that his grandpa is well and he is in his arms. When he woke up, it was well past lunch time. He saw his father and grandfather seated at the first floor balcony and sharing jokes and laughing. After he had slept, someone had moved him to a bed.

He walked towards his Papa and Grandpa. Grandpa saw him and beckoned him to come near him. “Did you sleep well?” He nodded. “Did you dream that grandpa died again?”. He became shy and nodded “no”. He laughed aloud. Grandpa called grandma “Kamla, give this little big boy some delicious food” and winked at him. He walked towards the dining room, as his grandpa got back into the conversation with his father.

His father was very senior officer at the city administration board and perhaps the rare and only non-corrupt officer in the whole office. He always supported poor vendors, abandoned old and sick people, animals, and also the poor farmers.

When he returned back from lunch, grandpa told his papa, “now, leave us alone. I need to speak to this young man”. Papa smiled and left with a pat on Dev’s shoulder.

Grandpa said “Let us walk, Dev. Come with me. I shall show you the little buds and tiny leaves of the spring gardens. I shall show you how the mother birds feed their children and how the breeze distributes sunshine. Come with me.”

Dev and Grandpa started walking through the abundant paddy fields and the mild forests at the border of the village. Except a few joggers, the whole space was empty. Dev was still mildly stuck with his morning dream. He asked his grandpa “Grandpa, may I ask you a question?” He said “Sure, my child”. “Will you die like all the old people one day? Will my father and mother also die? Will I die when I am old like you? Why does everyone die? Why can’t we all just live with happiness together?” Grandpa stopped. He bent down and kissed the forehead of his grandson and said “You are waking up, my child. You have the right questions.”

Grandpa said “My boy, everything that is born must die.” They walked towards a small tree which had many nests. Grandpa showed Dev a nest which had three tiny chicks with their beaks open, waiting for their mother. Grandpa said “Look at those tiny chicks. See how fragile they are! This is their helpless times of dependency my boy. The chicks are helpless without their mother. The mother knows it and she cares for them. Soon, the mother will bring them food from somewhere.” As he was uttering these words, the mother bird came back with a beak full of food and distributed it amongst her waiting children. They gobbled up everything that they received and cried for more. The mother left to fetch more for herself and her children. Grandpa said “See, from sunrise to sunset, this is what the mother bird will do. She is fully depended on grace of the nature. She has not stored anything anywhere. Everyday is a different day for them. Everyday is totally unpredictable. When there is hot sun or heavy rains, she may not get any food at all. They accept that reality too, without complaints. Now see, the mother is wandering in search of food for her children. She may or may not get more food. You know, this is why I keep food for birds in our garden – to feed the unknown bird friends. This is the least we can do to this nice little mother, right Dev?” He smiled and patted Dev on his shoulder.
“Her children will slowly grow up and become strong. Their wings will grow larger. They will be ready to fly. Then they will leave their mother and fly away. A task well completed, their mother also will allow them to soar in the sky and find their own life in the vast horizons of this earth. One cycle is completed. The children will mature and do exactly what their mother did. Same way, life repeats itself. Every animal, every bird, every creature on earth including human beings are living this cycle.”


Suddenly, he saw a snake crawling up the tree. Dev became terribly frightened. He hugged his grandpa. He shouted “Grandpa, help them. The snake will eat them”. Grandpa said “I shall save them, if their mother cannot. Let us see what happens.” Dev became impatient. In a short time, before the snake could reach the branch where the nest was, the mother and a few of her friends came shouting and started pecking and distracting the snake. Mother and her friends attacked together to defend the children. Soon, the snake gave up and withdrew. The birds went back to their work. Grandpa smiled “See, nature takes care of itself. It needs no human intervention or interference. If we leave them alone, they will survive on their own”.

Holding grandpa’s hand, Dev walked through the walking path of the village. few yards ahead, grandpa asked him to slow down and pointed at the direction of a forest clearing. A school of birds were shouting and flying around something. When they took a closer look, it was a bird that was dying. The birds flew around the dying bird as if they are observing a ritual or a kind of prayer. They waited and watched. Soon, the dying bird became still and lifeless. The birds came and sat around the dead bird for some time as if praying for the departed soul, and one by one they flew away. Grandpa said “Dev, you saw the children waiting to fly out a short while ago. Here you saw the soul waiting to fly out from the body of the bird alone. This is life and death, my boy. In between the definition called birth and death is the experience that we call life. The first was baby birds, where the soul was settling in and expressing itself, making them experience all aspects of life and the second was after all the experiences of life, the soul was leaving the vehicle that it used for that experience. This body is just a vehicle for experiencing life, my child. We are experiencing everything using this body. This is all. Whatever is born, will die. So, why do you worry, my child?”

Dev became confused. “But, grandpa, I do not want you to die”. Grandpa laughed “My boy, all of us will die, including you. All of us! Your grandpa had a grandpa too. He also had his grandpa. He had his as well. We had so many people in our family through centuries. They all have died. We will also die. When you will have your grandchild, you will also be like me, explaining to your grandchild what life is and what death is. Nothing in this world is ours, my child. Nothing in this world is permanently ours. We are fools, if we feel we own anything. We can own nothing. You saw how the bird died. It just died. Likewise, I will just die, leaving this body to earth. They will burn this body that you once called your grandpa. Once the body is burned, there will only be some memories of grandpa. Same with your grandma, papa, mama and everybody else. Everybody will leave at some point in time. Nobody will be here forever.”

Dev became silent. Grandpa sat down, hugged him and kissed his cheeks. “My child, I shall always live in your heart, as sweet memories. That way, I live much longer. Memories live longer than bodies. Keep me in your heart just the way I keep you in mine. We shall never part.”

Dev began to realise the truth in grandpa’s words. He said “Grandpa, will my love reach you even when you are gone?”

Grandpa said “Yes, my child. Think of me with love and I shall rejoice. Do not cry and make me sad. Do good things in life and let the living people tell good things about you. That will make me happy. That will make all our ancestors happy. They will be proud of having a great grandchild such as you in our family. Never hurt anyone. Love everyone. Do whatever good you can for everyone. Pardon those who harm you and hurt you. Do not harm, hurt or judge anybody. Give unconditionally, whatever you can share. Experience your life without hurting other beings. If you happened to hurt any being unknowingly, do not hesitate to apologize and correct your action. Nobody is perfect, everyone commits mistakes, and life has no rehearsals. Always be good and do good. This will make your lineage proud of you. Their blessings and mine will flow to you.”


Mohanji on the mystery of death....

Dev said “I promise you grandpa. I shall do everything possible to make this world a better place, for your sake”.

Grandpa kissed his forehead and said “Not for my sake, my boy. Let it be for the sake of nobody. Make it your outlook of life. If you count your good acts, it loses its divinity and grace. Do not count. Just do it always, naturally, without compulsion or even a thought. Through your positive action, inspire your nation. And do not be affected by abuse or criticism. Nothing should stop you from your honest expressions. Remember, all life is valuable. As you saw, the mother bird was so protective and loving towards her children. The adult birds took time to mourn the loss of their companion. Every living being has their families and feelings. Always respect it and leave them alone. Never interrupt, let alone murder any beings of earth.”





“Do you know, Dev, those birds do not know that they are called birds and they are different from other beings. They just exist as they are born, as complete beings. We humans know that we are humans and they are birds. A dog has no reason or interest to know that he is called a dog. It is fully immersed, as those birds, in its life as a dog. All the beings of nature are immersed in their own life without disturbing one another. A tiger hunts only when it is hungry and a deer knows that. Human hunts for pleasure and waste lives indiscriminately. An animal eats only when it is hungry and fasts when it is sick. They heal themselves. The nature heals them. They all have intelligence. Humans are a different species. We are intelligent to cunning. We use our intelligence to reign over other beings. But, what is the use? We also die. Earth swallows our body too. What do we gain? We can own nothing from this earth, my boy. Hence, we must truly make human existence far superior than any other bodies of earth by displaying our supremacy in our ability to be kind and compassionate.”

Mohanji ....speciesm

On a side of the village road that they walked, there was a huge old fallen tree being sawed to pieces by a few people. Grandpa stopped walking. He held the hand of Dev and kept staring at the fallen tree, in a kind of mournful way. The wood workers paused for a moment to look at their spectators. Grandfather nodded his head to continue with their work. As they went back to their work, Dev and Grandpa started walking away from the sound of machines cutting trees into pieces. Grandpa said “The body of this old fallen tree is just like ours, Dev. I had stopped to feel if the tree was still alive inside. All young trees which had not completed its time of existence will still be alive when men cut them to pieces just like humans do with animals. When they suffer unnatural death, they suffer pain and agony. They die in pain. The trees that had their life on earth are old and are ready to move on, will leave their body for use as their ultimate sacrifice. They would have prepared themselves for the exit. Such trees are happy to exit. And they welcome other beings using their body for their purpose. We will be happy to move on if we lived a life of service and have no regrets. The tree which we saw had been a blessing to many generations. Many weary travelers as well as budding lovers has sought its shade. It has given fruits to many beings, fresh oxygen, shelter and shade to so many beings as well as seeds which eventually became similar trees. It took nothing from anybody. Nobody spent time to nurture it. It was giving and giving all the time. At the time of its death also, it was giving away its body for human use. A total selfless existence! We have lots to learn from it Dev. That tree is also a grandpa. We should treat big trees like old people, with love, gratitude and respect. They truly deserve it.

Grandpa continued “Do you know Dev, what it is to be human?” Dev looked at grandpa. Grandpa said “Being human means being compassion. Being human means inherent ability to express kindness and unconditional love. Human life is invaluable. It should never be wasted by indiscriminate selfish pleasures which disturbs and destroys nature and its beings. If we have superior ability on earth, we must use it to protect and nurture the children of mother earth. Life has its own way of survival. We should never interfere. Always live as an inspiration for compassion, my child. Life and death will come and go, you will be able to die peacefully after a life well lived without regrets.”

Mohanji what is it to be human

“Today, we are walking on this path, you and your grandpa. Soon, your father will become a grandpa and will walk the same road with your child. And someday, you will walk this earth with your grandchild. Life is a continuous flow, my child. All that came will go too. So, love everyone while you can, and be impartially kind. Never hurt even a fly. Live and let live. Live with a clear understanding that you cannot take anything from here except the memories of a life well lived with grace and love.”

Dev was not upset anymore. Something had changed in him. He felt complete. His grandpa had changed his mindset through his wise words. He had converted his insecurity to clear purpose of life. That was the biggest gift he ever received in his life. The purpose of Life! That is all it takes. That is all we need. Let it be filled with compassion, kindness and love without expectations and complaints.

Sun was setting. As they were walking towards the house of grandpa, they saw Dev’s father walking towards them, perhaps searching for them. Grandpa looked at his son and said “Finished the book entry of your mother’s complaints?” They both laughed. Grandpa told his son. “Dev is a sensitive boy. Take good care that he remains natural.” Papa nodded. He said “I did not want him to keep his fears and brood over it. That is why we made this quick trip.” Grandpa said “That was good. I could explain to Dev a bit about life and death as lessons from nature. He will get everything he needs from the nature. All he needs to do is to look and recognize the answers. Nature has all the answers.”

Grandpa addressed Papa “Madhav, as long as human compassion quotient is ignored, there will be no peace on earth. If kindness, selflessness and compassion is made the criteria of education and social status, if governments give importance to this aspect as the key aspect for everything, earth will become paradise. Otherwise, as we discussed in the morning, we are all against something each day, each moment. This is giving us worries, anxieties and suffering. We should be against nothing, let alone ourselves. Violence should never be tolerated; and should be controlled by strict laws.  So is corruption or any kind of selfishness. Deny social support for such people. Isolate them and make compassion compulsory. That is the only way life can be redeemed from its current frequency of mad competition, selfishness and bitterness.”

Mohanji on human compassion

Papa answered “Yes, Papa. This is what I am trying to establish within my jurisdiction. But, I am constantly facing obstacles. All my attempts get slapped by the selfish bureaucracy. The cancer called corruption has destroyed human sensitivity. Modern education has made men mediocre and selfish. Books are not teaching sensitivity, love and compassion. It is teaching competition and insecurity. It is not making a confident generation rooted in compassion and love. It is making an insecure generation, rooted in greed and selfishness. Looking at this makes me tired.”

“That is why you should not give up. You are young. You have a vision. Move on with it.”

“How do I handle the constant hurdles?”

Grandpa explained “Selfless service is our purpose. The purpose will handle it, my son. Intensify the purpose and conceive it in its utmost purity. Even if you fall down, or your hand gets dirty as you travel the path, if the purpose remains pure, it will take you to your destination.”

“Tall order, Papa”

“But inevitable and important, my son. Someone must lead by example, if not a few. The one who is against the tide may get crucified. But, setting example with own life has no substitution or comparison and I believe that dying for a good cause is much better than living the life of a mediocre conformist. Purpose is cleaning the system. Un-cluttering and weeding out the cancer eating away on our inherent compassion. This is all that matters.”

“On another subject, Grandpa continued; keep this house and space as it is, for the next generations. Do not sell it away after we are gone. Let them have something of the past to lean back on, when they are tired of chasing the world.” Papa agreed. Grandpa hugged Papa and said “I am proud of you my son. I am a happy father and grandfather. I can leave in peace with the firm appreciation that my children and grandchildren will only serve the world as light in the darkness and will not lead a selfish and self centred existence on earth like the majority.” Both had tears in their eyes.

Mohanji grace and love.

One month later.

Dev woke up and came down to the living room. He saw his parents getting ready to leave. Papa seemed serious and silent. He seemed busy and felt as if he was hiding something. There was no warning last night of any impending journey. He came close to his Papa and touched his hand. Madhav looked at Dev, held him close to his chest and whispered in his ears “Your grandpa has gone. He left early this morning. It was a heart attack. He died peacefully in his sleep. We have to go immediately”. Madhav’s eyes welled with salt water as he uttered these words. “Grandpa has gone!” Dev did not cry. He had witnessed birth, death and the story called life in the middle through the eyes and words of his grandpa.

Nothing STAYS here for EVER except the residue of our action on earth. And we own NOTHING.

Mohanji .......

In the safe hands of an Avadhoota

Whatever I write below, has been personally read and approved by Avadhoota Nadananda.

Flight was late. I reached Delhi from London on 25th of July. Heavy traffic. It took literally ages to reach Gurgaon. I had to attend a short program before leaving for the airport again. I quickly brushed and washed up. Since there was no time for any food, I “gobbled” a special South Indian coffee made by Phaneedhar’s mother and went for the program. I quickly completed the program and rushed to the airport to catch the flight to Bangalore. This was an unannounced trip. I and a companion. Only two of us. We are going to see Avadhoota Nadananda. He had beckoned me to come and meet him as soon as I come back to India. He was resting after his most important trip to Mookambika, Kollur; the place that made and moulded Avadhoota Nadananda.

Mohanji and Nadananda unconditional love

It started raining. Bangalore choked. Traffic blocked. It took us literally 5 hours to reach his abode. The previous morning, his leg slipped while getting out of his car resulting in a slipped disc. Hence, we kept coaxing him over the phone to have his meal and take rest. But he wouldn’t listen. He wanted to wait. The love of a Guru, mother, father, friend, companion, protector – all in one. The divine fragrance of true love! The master was waiting! The master always waits patiently!

A kind of guilt for making him wait dawned in me. As soon as it came, it disappeared. “What have I got to do with it? Neither me nor Guruji are responsible for the rain and traffic blocks. We are just witnesses of the divine play. Just witnesses!”

Mohanji (243)

Finally, we arrived at the doorstep of the abode of Avadhoota Nadananda. There was not even a drop of time to waste. I was more concerned of Guruji refraining from food because of the delay the rain caused us. I went upstairs, guided by Sri. Mohan Gaaru. As soon as Avadhoota Nadananda saw me, deep and genuine happiness dawned on his face. I prostrated at his feet. I held his feet in eternal reverence. His feet are the feet of the Divine Mother and the eternal Guru Mandala. He said “Get up, Mohanji”. I got up and he got up too, even though his face was grimacing in excruciating pain due to the slipped disc. He repeated with overwhelming happiness, “Mohanji has come back to me.” He held my hands, hugged me, and kept repeating, “You have come back to me! Welcome back. I am going to give you everything that I have. If I did not do that, all that I have would have gone wasted. You are the most eligible one to receive from me.” Every word he spoke hit me deep in my heart. I felt that he was already changing my software to receive the absolute in its complete grandeur. This was also in reply to an earlier mail from me to him, seeking his opinion on my intention to withdraw from public life for a while and court silence and practice. He had not replied. And these words that he spoke made me understand that the question that I asked was totally invalid and the Guru Mandala has already decided my future. All I have to do is to just flow. I have nothing to claim as my own including the things that we see and experience such as the body, mind and intellect. I am an empty bottle. He said “All the masters who you met have gone one by one. Soon I will go too. But I will not go before I give you everything. I will keep all my promises and fulfill the expectations of the Guru Mandala.” I asked him “Guruji, why am I meeting these masters including you, at their last stage of walk on earth?” He replied “Nobody has left you. Nor will I leave you. They are meeting you, to take their work forward, which you are performing selflessly. You are guiding people the way we all want. All those whom you met, left with peace and satisfaction that the work that they had started will continue through you and you will never have a personal agenda. Purity and innocence are the strengths. The world may not understand this. We do. The Guru Mandala does. And we are with you, behind you and will never abandon you or let you suffer.” He added, “You are meeting them during their last stages because you are here to merge and continue traditions. And the masters never owned anything anyway.” This gave me clarity. The faces of Vittal Babaji, Baba Ganeshananda Giri, and Vasudevan Swami, flashed through my mind. Now, here was Avadhoota Nadananda explaining the tapestry of my existence. Everything makes sense in a way, but when I imagine the weight of the responsibility, I wondered, can this perishable flesh see it through? If yes, how long? Guruji added “The sign of a true disciple is the lack of WHY in their mind. Never ask WHY or HOW. You shall be given everything and more you need for carrying out the journey to a wonderful completion. I shall keep my promises. I shall be with you every step, even if I do not have a body. The Guru mandala will be with you. Divine Mother will be with you. Our supreme guru Lord Dattatreya will be with you.” Thundering assurances! I never asked WHY ever. I only accepted with a bowed head the will of the supreme always.

Mohanji and Avadhoota Nadananda



Mohanji and Avadhoota Nadananda 2..

Suddenly he asked me how my journey was and if I was tired after my overnight travel from London, this trip, without any rest, the tedium of road trip, so on and so forth. I was overwhelmed by the sight and touch of Guruji, I had no pain, fatigue or jet lag. There was no time for jet lag. I have come home. He walked with us to the door, sat us down and he himself started feeding us. His love was overflowing. It was palpable and every bit was a shower of blessing. A torrential rain of blessings was flowing down on me and my companion right from the palpable portals of the Guru Mandala through the hands of Avadhoota Nadananda.


Mohanji serving Bhiksha 1

Mohanji serving Bhiksha to Nadanandaji

Mohanji serving Bhiksha 2

After the food, we briefly talked about the proposed ceremony to be held on October 10th. He asked me to invite people close to me because this would be one of the most auspicious functions for me and also the last function that he intended to perform in this lifetime. He talked with firmness, determination and extreme conviction. He said “This title is not my decision. This title is not your expectation either. This has been ordered by the order of Guru Mandala. I am delivering it to you on the auspicious day of Vijaya Dashami. This is not an ordinary day, ordinary title or ordinary function. You will never be the same again. I will step down. You will climb up.” I felt a bit sad “Guruji, I understand, appreciate and honor the decision of Guru Mandala. I am not even asking if I am eligible because I have learned to accept what comes my way with utmost humility and surrender. But, why should you step down? And where am I climbing to?”

Guruji explained, again in a very serious and no-nonsense tone – soaked with love. “I have been crying to find someone eligible to hand over. I have been waiting for the permission to withdraw from public life. Guru Mandala told me “You can get off the saddle”. I asked again, “What next?” They just said “You are free to step down now.” They relieved me from all my responsibilities. I have to step down. Since a few decades, I have been walking this tedious path literally with blood in my mouth and 5th stage cancer which I had taken over from a woman who was dying. Now I am 76. This body is tired. I cannot move on like this anymore. I need to withdraw from public life, go back to myself and merge with the supreme consciousness. I shall be in isolation.

It was late at night. We decided to sleep. I literally had a long day. After a weekend retreat in London, I had hopped into the first possible flight to Delhi via Dubai and, after a function at Gurgaon, had come off to Bangalore. I had no sleep whatsoever. But, I was not tired either. Anyways, we decided to call it a day.

Nadanandaji feeding Mohanji like the Divine Mother.jpg

Dawn of 26th July. After I brushed washed and prayed, I walked to Guruji’s room. Guruji had decided to make a special dish for me. Sister Sujata told me that Guruji has been preparing for my arrival since days and was showing so much excitement, as would a mother or father would show when their son comes home after a long absence. Guruji himself went out and bought vegetables to cook dishes for me and insisted on serving me. Affection without barriers! Totally sincere and unconditional, overflowing love of a true master. He said “I am not your guru.” I was perplexed. I did not understand what he meant. “I sign off your mails as “brotherly”. Why? I do not want to have any barrier between us, not even that of a guru and disciple. I am like your elder brother. I come to you. You need not come to me. You need not take any effort anymore. You have already come to me, come back to me. Now it is my turn. I come towards you running, just like my guru came running to me and took over my life and destiny. Just be available. Just be there.” So many things are happening already inside. I decided to just surrender and keep quiet. He asked “You have some barrier with me, haven’t you?” I said “No Guruji. I have respect. Only respect for you.” He said “Love. Love is enough. I feel you are my younger brother, even though you call me as Guruji. Let us not have any barrier”.

“Do you know who came and accepted the dakshina that I had handed over to you at Shirdi?” I said “I understand Guruji, he comes from Guru Mandala. He is my gateway to the ultimate reality.” Guruji said “He is the one who took me there. He is the one who guided me. He is eternal.” (I am not permitted to reveal the name here even though Guruji said the name in front of all those who were listening. If Guruji permits, I shall mention the name at a future date.”)

He asked “Are you not going to write a blog?” I said “No Guruji. Let me keep this sacred meeting and discussions  away from the eyes of skeptical minds. There have been some complaints about the last blog that, what I wrote is not true.” Guruji said “I approved your blog. In that case, we are collaborating with each other to mislead the people? HA HA HA.” He laughed aloud and continued. “Whenever truth is conveyed, the insecure and guilty people will say that we are scaring them. This is good. Truth must be told. You need not worry. The Guru Mandala is talking through you. Every word, every matter we convey. You have my approval. Go on, write it.” Even though it was on his instruction that I started writing, I developed some doubts again. “How much can I disclose?” He said “As much as the world needs to know. There is nothing to hide. Those who manipulate the minds of people will call the absolute truth as untruth and will sell their own version of partial truth. Let us not care about it.”

I never went after powers or titles. I never tried to display anything out of natural. What comes to us is meant for us. Never ask why and why not. Both are absurd.

Mohanji and Avadhoota Nadananda 5

He said “The function of 10th is very important. It will be life changing for you and for me. Your family members should join us.” He personally invited my family members on phone one by one. He was coughing and was visibly looking weak and tired. But he was as enthusiastic as a teenager. He said “I do not touch money. I do not use money. When people give money, I use it for serving the needy. I do not have a bank account. But, you are different. You have a family and you have their responsibility. You must live like a regular householder. You have to lead a different lifestyle than me. Do not imitate a master. Accept his teachings wholeheartedly.” He told a story “One master was walking with 4 disciples. They became thirsty. There was no water. Suddenly they saw an alcohol shop. The master went in and drank four bottles of palm liquor and walked out. Seeing this, the disciples also did the same. Nothing happened to the master. The disciples became drunk. They walked further. They felt hungry. A few yards ahead, they saw a metal melting unit. The red hot melted metal was oozing out of the opening. The master took it in his hands and swallowed it. Nothing happened to him. The disciples were unable to do that. The moral is, the master could possibly perform the unbelievable. Looking at that, the disciple should not attempt such feats. They should become masters before they attempt such things. Sister Sujata also mentioned that even though Guruji is going for treatment, in X ray and Scans, no ailments are visible while he is suffering from 5th stage cancer. This is intriguing the doctors. Guruji said “when our 7 chakras are activated and we operate in super conscious realms, body is equal to sookshma (subtle). When cosmic energy is fully activated in our system, any kind of artificial energies such as medicines or machines will never work or get nullified. Medical science will not understand that.”

Guruji explained the things to do about the service that Manav Seva Samiti and Ammucare are doing together at various locations. He reiterated on two major things – BEING PRACTICAL and BEING RELEVANT.( Activities relevant to each location, people and their needs) He mentioned that charity should not be for name-sake. We should never have superiority complex. We should deliver what is relevant. We should not delay. We should perform before time because our promises affect somebody positively or negatively. When promises are not kept, it affects relationships. And we should focus more on empowering than feeding so much to create dependency. We should hold their hands as long as needed and allow them to be free. Humility is the right attitude of a karma yogi. He urged all to perform more activities and never allow the system to slow down because of individual ennui. He asked me to keep an eye when he goes on silence and help as much as I can. He was happy with the current team leaders and members. He said activity should always be relevant to the location and situation. There is no point in providing soap where there is no water. Give water first – then soap.

He sounded mentally prepared to withdraw and also told that his original plan of the title ceremony in December had to be brought to October because of his deteriorating health conditions. And he reiterated that it is a big occasion. He said “I do not speak anything. It is Guru Mandala speaking through me. Those who connect to this body called Nadananda will suffer with delusion. Those who connect to the universe beneath the form will reach the highest. Those who need nothing will get everything. Those who need everything can never be satisfied by anybody”. “Everything is in an atom. The potential for the whole universe is stored in an atom. And atom is all that we are.”

Mohanji and Nadananda 4

The day vanished as a carnival. Old friend Lakshmi and Natesh Mahadevan spiced up the day with their presence. It is difficult to write here everything that Guruji said to me. He also mentioned about a few rituals during the ceremony as well as transfer of spiritual energy. Anyways, he would remember more than me because he knows better.

A long light day, evaporated into bliss supreme.

Sri Mohanji.jpg

With only love and gratitude, I go to bed.


A Day in Shirdi with an Avadhoota

I opened the curtain of my room at Hotel Jivanta, a fresh new hotel in Shirdi. Probably I am the first guest in that room. I am here for the inauguration of Madhuban Restaurant as well as Ahimsa Vegan Restaurant. Dawn is breaking. I am late to rise. I was late to go to bed as well because we arrived quite late and checked in late. That is definitely not an excuse to wake up late. In fact no excuses are allowed in our path. Whatever the time to bed is, rising and shining should match up with the eternal SUN. The phone was beeping. I opened the Pandora’s Box. Opening the phone in the morning is not a good idea. Time vanishes in front of sundry messages from across the world. Suddenly I remembered the words of Sai Baba “I am single. I have no family of my own. I have no relatives or so called friends. I have no wife or children. I have no possessions, money or houses. I have nothing to guard from thieves. Yet, Maya tests me and lures me time and again.” So, what about those who have everything that is mentioned above? Being a truly spiritual householder is not a small matter, especially if you have something to do in the world around you. Most people may not understand this truth and demand more and more from you.

Shri Mohanji

In a short while, after my morning chores, I was ready for the external world. A beep materialised from my phone. A boy from west “Mohanji, you said every Viswamitra will have to face their quota of Menakas in life before perpetual attainment. Please explain”. I decided to answer that before I walked across to the neighbouring room where Avadhoota Nadananda was staying. I replied “One has to exhaust all his karmic entanglements before he becomes full and complete. Menaka represents the lures of terrestrial existence and not necessarily a female. Everything must come and go. Everything must happen. Whatever has to happen in one lifetime will happen at its appointed time. This is the play of duality of a terrestrial existence. There is no good and bad in this. Rise and fall are part of life. There is no pride in rising or disappointment in falling. Watch both with clarity and equanimity. Watch the show by being the projector. Every Vishwamitra will have his set of Menakas to go through, the associated happiness as well as sorrows.”

Most of the things of life cannot be avoided. When you choose only to give love under all circumstances, we will have to face and tackle multiple phases and faces of dualities of existence, all the mirages of life. The struggle between what you love to do and what you have to do. In the spiritual journey, it is nothing but what you have to do ignoring completely what you love to do which has zero value as it is always from the choreographed mind. With these morning thoughts in my mind, eager to see Avadhoota Nadananda – a saint without any pretensions, I walked towards his door.

Avadhoota Nadananda

Beloved Guruji- Avadhoota Nadananda

People had already assembled on the floor around him. He was sitting with his back towards the window. When I entered, people moved aside to accommodate my entry. Guruji – as everyone affectionately calls him – beckoned me “Welcome Mohanji”. He is humble, simple, straight and extremely, palpably loving. His love is unmistakable. I kneeled down to him in respect and got up to hug him. Hugging him is merging into him. His energy is motherly. Strict and severe when needed and totally loving and selfless otherwise. He has zero tolerance towards someone who betrays his guru or tradition. He reacts with the intensity of Mother Durga towards those who cheat, steal, betray or do things unethical in life. He is simple and an epitome of pure love towards those who are suffering and helpless in the world. He loves his disciples like a mother. He sings and dances even though he suffers from 5th stage lung cancer. Nobody will even doubt that his body is in so much pain even though his mind has no suffering. The whole life is a sacrifice for him, often towards the undeserving. He never displays his state of body or his consciousness but never lets a good visitor go empty handed from his grace. But, if one tries to be over smart and try to outsmart him or lie to him, that person will lose even whatever he has. His energy matches a teenager. He takes rest only a few hours every day and keeps working for the welfare of the poor and helpless. He protects his disciples. He says “Even if I leave this body, I shall be on earth and will work as I do now, without change for the next 300 years. I will be as tangible as I am now”.

Mohanji and Avadhoota Nadananda Swamiji

Scriptures say that if one betrays his own guru or disowns him, they will have to take numerous births starting from the lowliest of wombs before he gets back to a human birth. In other words, he has to repeat the cycle of evolution completely through about 845,0000 wombs, before he takes another human birth. Lord Vishnu tells Sage Narada “If someone abuses me or my name, I pardon them. If someone abuses his guru or his name, even if the Guru pardons him, I will not”. We can see this aspect in display in Avadhoota Nadananda. One person approached him for initiation. He asked him whether he has obtained initiation from anyone else. He said that he has received initiation from four different masters before he came to him. Nadananda became furious. He asked him to leave his presence immediately. He said “One who cannot respect his own guru has no place in my world”.


Mohanji (128)

In this context, a bit of flashback…

It was the beginning of March 2016. I was about to embark on my tour of the western countries and South Africa. A hectic schedule was awaiting me. And before the tour there were other programs in India as well. Guruji asked me to come for the inauguration of Ugadi at Kurnool. His call is a command. Myself and a close associate went to Kurnool for a day. While a few of us were sitting down with Guruji and chatting various things, a dog came there. Guruji displayed deep affection towards the dog. He “introduced” the dog to me as well. I patted him and he seemed very happy in our company. Guruji said “Mohanji, his name is Sudhir in this life. In his last life, he was Sudhirananda. He had taken vow of renunciation. But, he failed in his loyalty to his practices and his loyalty to his guru and became a dog in this life. He met me again and I will redeem his human form in his next life.” It may sound like a fairy tale. But, I have seen many such incidents of the state of Yoga Brashta (Fallen from grace) in my short existence in the spiritual realms of this incarnation. The key reason for that is betrayal of one’s guru. A guru need not be a guru who initiated us to any path or practice. It could be even one person or personality who we consider as our guru even in the mind. Once we consider anyone as our guru, even once, we should pay respects and honour his name and form. If we fail to do so, due to whatever reason, we may slip down in the path of evolution of consciousness. It is through various births in various wombs that we have attained a human birth. And it takes various human birth to evolve into the state of “animal – human” to “human – human”. It usually takes many further births to become “god – human”. Hence, we must never judge, criticise, scandalise or betray anybody let alone one’s own Guru, even if the guru is good, bad or ugly. (The book Bhagawatham explains this in detail) Take your time to accept someone as your guru. Take lot of time. Once accepted, keep the devotion steady and stable. This was the fundamental lesson Sudhir, the dog is giving to the world every day, by just being present in this world as an example of fall from grace.


Interestingly, when Guruji was introducing the dog to me, even though many people were around us nobody saw this event or took pictures of it. This I came to know when I was looking for pictures of this incident.  Nobody remembers it. I spoke to Guruji and he said everyone cannot see certain levels of subtleties. This incident was real and this meeting had a deeper subtle meaning and hence no one else saw this. He also mentioned that everything is atom oriented. It is possible to increase and decrease density as well as change form at will when one changes his operating level from the mental to spiritual substratum.


There could be various states of Yoga Brastha ( fallen from grace)

I stated this here so that the reader could understand the consciousness of an avadhoota, who never tolerates injustice towards others even though many might have committed injustice towards him. We very well know that many have committed injustice to him through his brilliant autobiography.

Shirdi Again…

Nadananda briefed about the service projects that he is doing along with Ammucare and he said that he is pleased and happy to be associated with Ammucare. This brightened the face of Sakshi who was listening to our conversation along with others. She has been leading Ammucare since the last 4 years and in 2016 Ammucare has started contributing within its capacity towards some of the projects of Guruji. Every organisation has its limitations. The requirement always remains larger than the means. This is the case of more or less every legitimate charity organisations.

Guruji’s autobiographical works will be published internationally in the name of Autobiography of an Avadhoota. An agreement was signed between myself, on behalf of Mohanji Foundation,Rameshji on behalf of Ashraya Trust, verified and approved by Avadhoota Nadananda himself. This book will soon be released globally in print, digital and audio version through Mohanji Foundations globally. I believe that a taste of true spirituality should reach the hands of every seeker of truth. This book is an honest and straight forward account of an incredible and often impossible journey a man of determination undertook against all odds and attained what was probably unimaginable in one lifetime. This is a no nonsense book. I believe this book has the power and ability to awaken the truth in every reader just like the Autobiography of a Yogi did in the world from 1950s onwards. This would be a modern day classic.

Mohanji (120)

After signing the agreement to publish Guruji’s books

Before we embarked on the Shirdi trip while speaking to Guruji, he told me “Mohanji, you and I alone should walk the streets of Shirdi. Can you give me some time for that?” I said “Guruji, your wish is my command. Do consider it as done.” Hence, soon after breakfast, me and Guruji started walking towards the temple of Sai Baba, Dwarakamai and the Samadhi Mandir. He said “We shall not go into the Samadhi Mandir. Those who must meet us will meet us here in the streets.” We walked seemingly aimlessly, but, I presume Guruji had a particular purpose in taking me alone through the sacred streets of Shirdi. While walking together, he said “Mohanji, see how many thousands of people are eating their food in Sai Baba’s name today. How many shops, restaurants, hospitals and schools get their sustenance in Sai Baba’s name! While Sai Baba was in His body, he hardly had any food to eat. Hardly anybody offered him food or shelter, except perhaps a handful of people. You and I have the same situation today. Today, we may not have sufficient, but tomorrow, so many will thrive in our name. The likes of us receive discrimination and betrayal while living and glorification after death.” Spot On! Guruji uttered a naked truth, perhaps to wake me up to a reality not to expect much understanding from contemporaries while the posterity may understand my existence far better.


Mohanji and Avadhoota Nadananda walking in the streets of Shirdi

I moved into contemplation mode. I was digesting this truth. Like a flash, the people who misunderstood me and left me came to the canvass of my mind. At that moment, some words were transferred into me “Those who left do not deserve you nor do you have anything to give them. Bless them and leave them. Those who stay are for you to give more to. Give them more.” Was it Sai Baba talking or Guruji? How does it matter? Truth is the relevance of message. It was relevant. We were walking past Dwarakamai in silence. Suddenly Guruji spoke “Mohanji, do not worry. I shall never leave your hand. I shall be with you through time. Just continue to do your best irrespective of what the world thinks of you. We shall protect you always. This is a promise!”

Mohanji and Nadananda promise

Maybe he brought me to the sacred land of Shirdi to deliver this promise from Divine Mother and Gyan Ganj that he represents as its 48th Peethathipathi (pontiff). These words filled my heart. A promise that no forces in the world can break and change! This is also a clear sign of deep connectivity and integration into the tradition of Avadhootas. A clear sign of beingness and being part of the tradition. Tradition invariably comes forth to deliver. There is no need to chase anything in the path of spirituality. He continued “I have decided to confer the title of Brahma Rishi to You Mohanji on the most auspicious day of Datta Jayanti. I shall make all arrangements. Be there on the previous day.” I met Avadhoota Nadananda on the previous day of Datta Jayanti in 2015. One year is elapsing. So many things happened within this one year. A title that comes without asking for it, is meant to be. Whatever is given is real. Whatever comes to us is earned, probably through lifetimes. This thought filled my heart with gratefulness. Suddenly another thought happened in the canvas of mind. “I am an ordinary man. I am not learned in rituals, scriptures or philosophies. Am I eligible for a title as grand as this? And that too from the pontiff of Gyan Ganj?” Suddenly without asking, the answer came from Guruji “You are Brahmarishi. We shall make it official on Datta Jayanti”.


Guruji, like a loving mother..

It is impossible to meddle with anyone’s natural karma without your hands getting burned at least to some degree. Not many masters involve in the karma of others. They witness impartially and allow them to complete it naturally, irrespective of suffering or pleasure for their minds. Guruji has interfered quite willingly in serious karmas of people time and again and took it all on his own body. His body has multiple ailments, but, I was told that the medical reports showed NO ailments. He himself told me that he is suffering from fifth stage lung cancer and is vomiting blood every night. But, you will never feel him as a cancer patient as he jokes, chides, sings and dances with us at the age of 75. He makes life a complete joke and rightfully so. Every person who is a healer must remember this. There is NO healing without their karma coming in the way. True masters out of sheer compassion may take it on themselves. We have seen that in the stories of masters such as Sai Baba and many others. Guruji is no exception. This is nothing but overflowing kindness. But the disciples, let alone society may not even understand the size of their work. Many people who have been immensely benefitted often ungratefully shift camps at the drop of a hat. Guruji explained to me how people who he loved and gave everything possible just walked away without any kind of remorse or guilt and even scandalised him, spreading hatred towards him amongst others with paltry reasons.” One day I’m God to them and another day I’m the devil. It doesn’t take much time for insecure people to change their mind because their vonnection is conditional.” I told him that I have experienced the same time and again in my life too. We still keep giving.

When he was talking about betrayals by closest people who were loved dearly and were given all what we could, he had tears in his eyes. I asked him, “Guruji, should we feel this way? Should we feel at all, when people betray our trust and even leave us for that matter?” He said “Remember, we have taken a human body. Hence feel as a human would.” Every experience should be felt to the core but we should have nothing to do with it. That means, feel, experience and move on without a stain of the past. When we came out of the satsang with Guruji, one companion asked “Mohanji, you know these things. I have heard you talk about levels of attachment and detachment. Why did you pose this question to Guruji? Were you testing him?”. I said “Never. I respect him. I never test any master, let alone a master of Guruji’s stature. Remember, whenever I go in front of a master, I am a total disciple. Empty to the core. I have no stature of my own except as a disciple or a seeker of truth. When I deliver satsangs, I assume a different stature, that of a teacher or a guide. We must never go to any teacher with a filled up cup. We should go with a totally empty cup and zero ego. We should forget about what we know or what we are and surrender completely and absorb their gifts like a sponge with humility and gratefulness.”

Mohanji and Nadananda

Nadananda’s palpable love

While walking in Shirdi with Avadhoota Nadananda, he talked about the attitude of service. Most people who help in charity do it as a favour. We should become both the giver and the receiver. We should hold no ego while delivering and instead, should feel grateful that we were useful in this incarnation for this world in some way.

Avadhoota Nadananda Eyes

We sat in the verandah inside the Shirdi complex. He said “There is no need to stand in queue, push and pull and have darshan of Baba. Those who we have to meet will come to meet us.” We sat for a short while. He expressed his deep satisfaction about the association between his organisation and Ammucare. He said that before he met me, he was doing this work practically alone and now he feels good to have the association of myself and Ammucare. I felt happy that he is happy with us.

Suddenly, he got up and said “Come Mohanji. Let us walk. Are you tired or fed up of this old man?” I said “Guruji, this is my privilege and honour. I shall never be tired of you. I am grateful for what you are delivering to me during this personal journey. I may not even understand what you have delivered inside me or how you have changed my software. But, one thing is sure. This is an extraordinary journey. You and I. This is no coincidence and also, I believe there is a very deep meaning to this communion, which I am sure I will recognise or understand in the years to come. It feels like a fairy tale. Our meeting, the subsequent association as well as the events that lead us to the streets of Shirdi where we are walking together as one Consciousness.” Guruji said “I will never leave your hand. Our relationship is lifetimes old. I will always protect you and empower you to do more in the world. Your selflessness attracts me. You will never have any problems in life. We shall make sure of that. Those who have left you or betrayed your trust should not be worried about. They lost you. Do not think about those who have gone. They could not understand you. You lost nothing. They lost you forever. Those who see only our terrestrial side will completely miss the consciousness and the tradition that we represent. Understand that they did not possess the eligibility to walk the Golden path of Lord Datta to the ultimate end. You are not responsible for that. Relax and do more for the world. I shall be with you all through. This is a promise.”


We stopped at the temples of Lords Shiva, Shani and Ganesha inside the Shirdi temple complex. We saw one lean man with matted hair standing looking at the entrance of the Lord Shani temple. Guruji said “Here he is. He is the one who was waiting for us.” He took out a Rs100/- currency which was wrapped up in his cloth around his waist and asked me “Give it to him”. I took the money and walked towards him and when I reached, he turned and looked at me. He looked like a wandering saint with matted hair and sparkling eyes. Looked like a Nath Sadhu. I gave him the money. He received it and bowed down to me. We walked on. Soon we left the temple.

While walking back, Guruji again said “Did you see how many thousands of people are having their daily bread in the name of Sai Baba today. While in his body, he wandered if not begged for food. Same is the situation for all of us. While in the body, people do not recognise us. After leaving, they will come to our shrine.” I said “Guruji, most people who come here are coming to beg for something and not to thank Baba for taking birth on this soil and guiding millions. If he begged for food during his time, most of these people are begging for something from him 100 years after he left the body.” He nodded and laughed at the irony of life. He said “Sai Baba was the 37th pontiff of Gyan Ganj. I am the 48th. Now I am not well. It is time for me to remove this mantle. I am waiting for orders. The power of this incarnation will remain and multiply for 300 years after leaving the physical form. Same with Sai Baba. Same with me.” I was reminded of the statement of Ganeshananda Giri “I wanted to leave my body in Shirdi. But Baba said “Go to Chennai and leave your body there. You will “LIVE” there”. Hence I am going to South soon.” He told this when we met him in Shirdi in December 2015. Such saints who walk on earth do not have any personal agenda. They are just obeying orders of the divine.


The function that we came for, the inauguration of Madhuban Restaurant in Shirdi along with Ahimsa Vegan, was successfully completed with Guruji guiding the whole program tagged along by Sulakhe Maharaj and myself. He blessed the venture and all of us. This is the short summary of a memorable trip to Shirdi in the month of June 2016.



Aum Sai Ram


P.S. The above text is read and approved by Avadhoota Nadananda himself before publication. He said “Everything is perfect. Change NOTHING.”

A Chapter in Life. A Birthday Message.

February 23rd is a reference point to me. The day of entry into this world in this form. The day this chapter in existence by the name of Mohanji began.

Mohanji Birthday.jpg

Mohanji Childhood

This soul has had many such chapters in the past and this essentially is the final chapter before it becomes just an existentialistic time rider – or merges with time and becomes a part of the soul of time. I always believed that each lifetime, as we call it, is just a chapter in the existence of the soul. A chapter which has its own character, duration, flavour and purpose. Every chapter has a call, a solid reason to be there. You would not start it unless you have to and have a compelling reason for that matter. I never call a chapter – LIFE. It is part of LIFE, but it is not LIFE by itself. LIFE according to me has no duration. A chapter has duration. Whatever has duration is NOT LIFE. When we take a chapter as LIFE, we miss the real life and we suffer. I always believed that LIFE can never be bound by time because LIFE is not bound by TIME. In that context, I am riding the time – as if time is a horse. And I will exist as long as time exists. I have no birth or death. A chapter does have a distinct beginning and end and it must because it has a distinct purpose.


Half a century of existence later, when I look back at this chapter called Mohanji, my heart overflows with gratitude. Hence, I would like to dedicate this overflow of powerful feelings at the feet of all those who walked into my life at various points in time and to all those who will come in the future at various points in time. They are not just human appearances. Some stayed and are still staying. Some left and some are in the process of leaving. Some never fully came, nor fully left, but always existed whenever needed. This is especially pertaining to the masters and the guides including protecting angels which all of us have. I like to look at all those who came, existed, existing and left with utmost gratitude because all of them gave me invaluable experiences and added value to this incarnation. They all are irreplaceable.

Mohanji on living life.jpg

LIFE itself is the message. There is message in each life and there is LIFE in each message. When I “slipped into” the path of spirituality totally unaware of what is in store, I encountered many kinds of people which I would like to call as various flavours of the grander LIFE. They could only be segregated based on their operating levels in awareness.


I have been walking this mysterious path called spirituality since many years. This is a path to the intangible. The path that we as human beings are used to is tangible. From tangible to intangible and knowing to the unknowable, the path is quite treacherous and often winding. There are many trials and errors possible. Many falls and rises. Tenacity and conviction plus the will to survive against all odds will keep us going. I am not talking about the comfort zone spirituality where we can choose what we like or discard the uncomfortable. Here, the path of dissolution itself is the path of pathlessness. It is a long and winding road by itself. Then again, those who walked ahead of us always come to help. There are times when we cannot explain anything to anyone because the experiences are indescribable. In this journey, I encountered two distinct groups of people – the aspirants and the accomplished. The aspirants have fresh roots while the accomplished have deep roots and are totally balanced. Both have roots and hence they stand. Since seekers do not see roots, often they cannot differentiate between the aspirants and the accomplished unless they spend time patiently to see and feel.



They are usually graduated into higher frequencies in their past lives. Their roots are well set over those lives. They are balanced and deep rooted. They are totally established, unassuming and will never display any powers even when asked or challenged. They need nothing from the world and give everything even without asking.They do not even consider themselves as more important than the lowliest of beings in the canvas of creation and stay to serve. They never care who follows them or whether anybody follows them at all. They are self-sufficient. They do not care about terrestrial names and fame. They only exist as a reference point or a beacon of light for those sincere seekers who have only one aim – LIBERATION. Those who are already established and have dissolved their minds, their powers would be unlimited because they are always one with the Source. Each chapter for them is only another door to serve and lead the people in the right direction of LIBERATION. Their messages will be clear and simple. They will never bind their subjects to any fear based rituals or compulsory conditions. They will have no fear. They will never betray, steal, lie or encourage any of these because all these things are traps of karma and it takes lifetimes to shrug it off from the system.


Created By Sabrina Koletic


Those who use the spiritual path for achieving spiritual powers essentially for their own gratification or to prove to the world. They are the immature lot who would do anything to impress the world and, in a way, conquer the unsuspecting spiritualists. They are always alert. They plan, plot and even betray those who trust them with their life, as their aims are totally selfish. They are predatorial, aggressive, cunning, intelligent, (using their intelligence for conquests), skills of public display of their acquired powers, often trap entities through mantras and make them work for them and even use those entities to trap their clients or bring them to their knees and control their minds to create slaves. They are very dangerous people. Once they have sucked the sap of the ones in their control, they will go for fresh ones. They thrive on conquests. A true spiritual seeker should have extreme clarity as to what he or she is seeking, otherwise they could easily get trapped with such spiritualists and their sensation oriented methods. The tragedy is that, when one is with such spiritual teachers who use power to control, they would never know that they are trapped. They would even feel that they are much better off from the rest of the world and will adore the teacher and his prowess more easily because he controls their minds. They restrict their subjects from thinking independently and will make them believe through mind control and fear that the rest is all bad for them. Hence, one of the most important points that every spiritual seeker should keep in mind is that “All that glitters is NOT GOLD”. Also that if someone is in a hurry to prove something to you, especially their spiritual prowess, be watchful and be very careful. Powers are easy to acquire, but easy to lose as well. Inherent powers and its spontaneous usage without mind getting involved cannot be put in the cause and effect category of karma.


This is this chapter of life. Living in truth and living truth against all odds is not an easy task. It takes guts and more than guts, it takes GRACE to stay alive. Hence this letter is a letter of gratitude.

Numerous masters walked into my life. Some were in form and some were formless. The whole Datta tradition was revealed to me slowly and spontaneously by these masters and they still do. I do not claim to know even an inch of the tradition because the tradition of sanatana dharma (the eternal religion) out of which all traditions are based, is truly unfathomable. When I asked for aloneness, quietness and solitude, they pushed me into the world of noises and prejudices and made me to swim against the waves of sundry noises. Later I realised that the actual silence sits in the core of these noises and by avoiding them, you will never reach its core. And unless you keep your inner boat steady, the noises could overwhelm it and sink it completely. I saw many such sunken and half sunken boats in the path of liberation. The task was to keep the inner boat steady against all the external waves. It will always be the masters, who are huge ships compared to our little boat who will guide and hold us, who help us to navigate through time. I hereby express my unequivocal indebtedness to each and every one of them. Each one contributed at each point in time so that the boat kept moving.

There is only one love – Unconditional LOVE. The rest are all illusions. The situation more dangerous than the waves outside of the boat are the erratic and unstable fellow passengers. When they become seasick, some of them perform bizarre behavior patterns. Their solidarity and vows of companionship until the common destination are thrown in the winds. They jump out of the boat often jeopardizing the lives of fellow passengers. Unfortunately, most of them do not make it to the shore. They drown in the world of noises and illusions. I have watched this spectacle, quite helplessly, many times.


School girl Indu from Karnataka asked me this question: “Mohanji, what makes you happy and what makes you sad?”   I would like to answer her through this message.

Acts of compassion makes me happy. When people spontaneously, without thinking, display love and compassion unto the society, it makes me happy. When generations enjoy peace and love, I am happy. When people love and serve all and I am happy. Well being of my fellow beings irrespective of gender and species makes me happy.

Cruelty, acts of violence and insensitivity towards fellow beings makes me sad. Betrayals of the most trusted friends make me sad. When people who I trust lie to me, while I know well that they are lying, It makes me sad even though I allow them to experience themselves as liars 100% without interference. And such lies badly affect their conscience to an irreparable extent.

Mohanji 4


I am a hardcore romantic. I have always been. My first and foremost love with this incarnation is towards the nature. This includes the beings of nature. I love the various emotions of nature. I see the changes. Most of all, I see the underlying love beneath all the flavours of nature. I am convinced that nature can only love. No other emotions work with nature. There is love in her storms and rains too. Nature is love. This is why when people insensitively harm the beings of nature, I become terribly disturbed. This is unnatural for me. When a lion is not hungry, the zebra is safe. When man’s recreation encroaches into the freedom of other beings, it disturbs me. Live and let live.


As most of you know, I am a very private person. I consider myself as empty and reasonably illiterate which I later found as a great advantage. The more literate one is, the less flexible he is. I have never been predatorial. I never snatched anything from anybody. As far as I can remember, I never cheated, never stole or never betrayed. I never betrayed the trust of anybody. Many people have betrayed my trust over them. But, then I always believe in eventual justice. Justice always happens irrespective of time. Their illusions will break and they will come to know what they have done.  Justice could be delayed, but never denied. I have seen this justice at work in the most decisive manner. I keep repeating that I am not someone else; I am not any of the past masters nor will be any of the future. I am not Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Baba or Mahaveera. This body is called Mohan and will die as Mohan. When people see resemblances of past masters or incarnations of the past in me, that could very well be their mental projection, imagination or dharmic and consciousness resemblance. (When the message and operating frequency becomes the same at least sometimes, the matter may also look the same).

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Mohanji respect

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I always tell the world the message or knowledge that came to me or the truth that happened to me. I do not know anything else. I have no acquired knowledge sitting in me, waiting to burst forth. I am always empty. That way, I have no agenda and I am always free. What can be truly called ours? That which has happened to us or that which is with us. Nothing else at all. The rest are all borrowed. Since I have a body, I have all the needs of every body. Since I have an operating mind, I resonate every feeling and emotion associated with an operating mind. Since I have an intellect, I do relish knowledge at times. But, I am none of these. I am connected to all these only in the operational level and only on the basis of need. I maintain my separation from all these so that they never bind me. I feel pleasures and pains as much as I have to. Nothing more and nothing less. I am not different from anybody who has a body, mind, ego and intellect. I like to maintain this originality of incarnation at all times to avoid all confusions and “larger than life” projections. I feel the seemingly extraordinary revelations that I have had are accessible to anybody. I am not special. But, remember, the key is inside of you. When the knowledge breaks forth from inside, it is real. The rest is acquired knowledge and they are someone else’s experience or guidance. The problem with acquired knowledge is that it could become a burden, bias or concept that feeds the ego without us being aware of it. When ego takes over, the urge to prove to the world becomes a dire necessity. These are all traps. I always stay away from it. There is nothing to prove to the world. All we can do is live our truth with utmost honesty. Those who truly love you, will never leave you through the summers, winters, springs and rains of our life. Those who do not care will leave you at the drop of a hat. Bless them and send them away with peace and love and never hate.

I talked a lot even though my original plan was to just express my gratitude to all of you out there for being with me, loving me, hating me, walking with me and accommodating me at various points in time during this incarnation, which I sincerely hope will be the final.🙂
I love you. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I hereby extend my sincere apologies to each and every one of you, if I have hurt you in anyways, intentionally or unintentionally. While walking the life, we may walk over many beings which might cause their death. We do not mean it. A sincere heart filled with gratitude is the only thing we can maintain during this existence with a firm decision that we shall never be selfish and we shall give back to earth much more than we take from her. I sincerely appreciate those who loved me. I appreciate those who betrayed me too. They all added value to my life one way or the other because through all these encounters, I witnessed another flavour of life. Life is a continuous flow. It keeps flowing. Ocean is ahead. All of us will reach the ocean sooner or later. While I float towards the ocean of dissolution in the boat called existence, my conscience is my row. Unconditional Love is the water that takes my boat forward. The waves that sometimes shake the boat and confuse its people are the ego and mind. Tradition is the sky. Grace is the sunshine. Love of nature is the breeze. I am responsible for all those who are in my boat and I will always be. How can I be responsible for those who are not in my boat?


Let us shed our prejudices and be together forever in this short life. Differences are only in the ego state of the waking mind. The same differences does not exist in any other states. Be aware. Be clear. Be together. I love you and am always with you, irrespective of time, space and moods. Whenever you remember me, I am yours. When you love me or hate me, I live with you, in your heart. When you enrich yourself through consistent acts of kindness, you are enriching the whole universe, which includes me. If you love me, express it to the beings around you. The beings around you are my self in other forms. I am not alone here. I am not just this incarnation. I am everything. I am everybody. I am both you and I. So, please do more for the world. Give to mother earth much more than you take from her. You are consuming food, water, sunshine, wind and numerous other things from earth. Now, concentrate on giving back to earth much more than you have ever consumed in the form of kindness, compassion, tolerance, love, togetherness, so on and so forth.

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Many members of our Global Family are celebrate this day. Thank You.12717565_10153215594692161_1093037557489172312_n


I am with you always. I love you always. I will always be.

Endless Love

Yours Mohanji

Fruits of Tradition

The Beginning

Centuries ago, in the current state of Maharashtra lived a humble saintly priest named Vishnu Sharman with his family. He had only one son, named Vamadeva. He was a quiet but brilliant boy and both the parents were proud of him. Vamadeva grew up and it was time for his formal education. When this discussion happened in the household over dinner, Vamadeva insisted to his father Vishnu Sharman, “I want to go to Varanasi to surrender to the tutorship of Maharishi Shantananda”. Vishnu Sharman was taken aback by the insistence of his 8 year old son. Varanasi was a month of travelling away from their village. He tried his best to dissuade Vamadeva. More than the distance, he could not digest the fact that he will not be able to see his only son Vamadeva for many years. If he had gone to any nearby Gurukul, he could have visited him whenever he felt inclined to see his son. The same was the feeling of Vamadeva’s mother. But, Vamadeva insisted that he would only go to the school of Shantananda. Even though both his parents did not understand the reason for his insistence, after a lot of reluctance they agreed to fulfil the wish of their only son. They also realized and told Vamadeva that Maharishi Shantananda is very famous for his extremely strict methods of teaching and also it was not easy to get his acceptance as a student. He rejects his aspiring students for seeming petty reasons. He never displayed any soft corner towards any disciple. He even seemed indifferent. He believed in extreme uncompromising discipline. And his tests for admission were also equally difficult. None of this could deter Vamadeva and he still insisted on going to Shantananda.

After days of walking, bullock cart rides, camping in various shelters and inns, after a journey that lasted close to a month and a half, Vishnu Sharman and his son Vamadeva reached the city of Varanasi. All through the journey, Vamadeva was quite silent and contemplative, while his father Vishnu Sharman was talking all the time as if he would not get such a chance ever in life. Vishnu Sharman was hoping against hope that perhaps Shantananda may reject his son or Vamadeva may change his mind against staying and studying at Varanasi.



Varanasi Collage (source: Wikipedia)


After reaching Varanasi, they rested for a few days, visited Lord Kashi Vishwanath temple which every Hindu is supposed to visit at least once in his lifetime, bathed in Ganga and drank the nectar like water till their hearts filled and started inquiring about the ways to meet Shantananda. They came to know that every morning at 3am, Shantananda used to come for bathing in the ghats with his disciples, irrespective of rain or cold weather. They decided to wait and meet him at the ghats. They waited.


It was 3AM the next day. Maharishi Shantananda walked in with three of his disciples. He was handsome and majestic with flowing beard and soothing eyes. His face was an ocean of calmness. Eyes were deep pools of wisdom. His every step was majestic. He was tall and elegant. Vamadeva and Vishnu Sharman prostrated at his feet on the ground. Shantananda paused. Looked at them and asked without words, with his eyes which meant – “Who? Why?” He did not ask this verbally.

Vamadeva bowed his head down and said  “Great Master, I seek your discipleship”. Shantananda’s eyes penetrated the young boy’s constitution. His eyes pierced through the visible into the invisible. A faint smile dawned on his elegant face – perhaps because of recognition from another life, perhaps because of what he saw in Vamadeva. Shantananda was a man of few words. He observed silence almost always except when it was extremely essential to speak.

Shantananda: What is your name?

Vamadeva: The ignorant restless walking corpse called Vamadeva, Guro

He asked “What are you seeking?”

Vamadeva: “The Ocean, Guro”.

Shantananda said “The path is right here within you. Why not walk?”

Vamadeva replied “Ignorance, Guro. Need fire. Need light. Need guidance to enter the journey, Guro”.

Shantananda “What is the destination?” (Where do you want to reach?)

Vamadeva: “The non-perceivable and the unknowable, Guro”.

Shantananda “Where shall you walk from?”

Vamadeva: “From the darkness of ignorance inherent in the terrestrial mind, illusory knowable, identifications, bindings. Illusory pleasures as well as sundry delusions, Guro, into the stillness and bliss of absolute and unchangeable and unknowable truth”.

2010 - Mohanji - India (320)

When the seeking ends, man becomes FREE.

Shantananda smiled and said “Come with me.” Vamadeva won his test and was accepted! The eight year old truly surprised his father. He looked in awe as to how his son acquired all this knowledge without formally learning anything from anyone so far! On one side, he was deeply impressed by his son’s stature at such a young age without any formal education. On the other hand, he feared he will never understand his son. Vishnu Sharman did not understand the conversation. He guessed a little and as a result, a deep fear dawned in him. A deep premonition. A kind of conviction and associated fear that he is perhaps losing Vamadeva forever. Is this the beginning of a path of renunciation for Vamadeva? He is seeking silence. Will he leave everything and take the plunge into the anonymity of the saffron dress?  As a regular father, he wished his son to have good education, marry a good girl, have children, settle down and have a regular life like anybody else. But, he could perceive that his wishes are getting shattered right in front of his own eyes.

Shantananda never spoke to Vishnu Sharman even though he acknowledged his presence. There was no discussion on where he is taking Vamadeva, or how long he is expected to stay with him for the sake of education, or any other thing. There was no conversation at all. As Vamadeva walked away with Shantananda with just a glance and a nod towards his father, he sat under the Banyan tree and cried. So many unanswered questions rocked his mind. The most predominant were, “When will I see him again? And “Will I ever see him again?” Then, “What will I tell his mother?” He wept uncontrollably. Then he walked to the ghat and looked at the footprints with water on the steps, that of his son, Maharishi and others that disappeared into the wilderness of the city. He sat down and wept bitterly. Then he removed his clothes and plunged into the freezing, yet warm arms of mother Ganga. He immersed himself and his sorrows in her bosom. He took many dips. When he returned back to the shore, he felt better. He was calmer. He walked towards the temple of Lord Viswanath. He wanted to remove the rest of his emotions at the feet of Lord Shiva. Earthly emotions and relationships are almost always heavy and binding.

Nothing affected Vamadeva. He had just found his path, the reason for this incarnation. He was happy. He was excited. His Guru’s feet were the only reality for him. There was nowhere else to look. Nothing else to see either. Vamadeva walked with his Guru and his fellow students to his abode, not so far away from the ghats.

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The Gurukul

Shantananda’s abode was disciplined, neat and clean. A medium sized house with big verandas on all four sides. At the time Vamadeva joined, he already had 8 disciples of different ages. Vamadeva became the 9th disciple. Mostly, the disciples slept in a row on the Veranda on the front side of the house. There was an open court yard at the front portion of the house. Between the gate and the house, the open court yard was paved with cow dung. Shantananda’s household consisted of himself, his wife and one son, a few cows and calves. He treated his son and his disciples alike. He treated the animals the same way too. Some local house helps came in the morning from their homes and assisted Shantananda’s wife Rukmini Devi in her house hold chores. But, mostly, it was the students who helped the major chunk of work including tending the cows, washing and cleaning clothes ad the ashram floor etc. They took turns to do the household chores. Shantananda insisted on practicing the silent lung breathing to increase the concentration of his disciples. When a set of students are immersed in the practice, the others used to do all the work. The next day or a couple of days, the rest will practice and the others will take over the duties of the household. This went on beautifully without any hindrance, without any reminders or even compulsion of any kind. There was perfect symmetry and synchronicity in the ashram of Shantananda.

2007-12-19 - Mohanji - Qatar (5)

Every student did more or less everything. Tending cows and calves, taking them to grazing grounds and back, cleaning the yard and the house, washing clothes, helping kitchen, attending to Guru’s needs, attending to lectures, which was very random as mostly the Guru spoke through Gautama, his assistant and principal disciple.

Gautama was one of the more senior disciples. He was always very close to his Guru, attending to the gurus needs and the rest of the time, helping the guru’s wife in household chores. He also found time to orient the students with the key teachings of the master. His daas bhaav (total surrender and servitude) was so amazing and spontaneously became a living example of how a disciple should be to all the other students. It was interesting for Vamadeva to witness the humility and surrender of Gautama to his guru. Shantananda was a man of few words. He spoke very little. Gautama was one disciple who read the silence of his Gurudeva and acted on it. It was indeed a feast to watch how Gautama translate Gurus silence into deep and appropriate action without a word being uttered between the Guru and the disciple. The unspoken commands gave strength to Gautama to serve the Guru and his mission unfailingly. And it was perfect synchronicity. Shantananda’s silence was his strength. He taught his students mostly through silence than his words.

Everyone closely observed and then imitated Shantananda. Shantananda’s key teaching was silence and witness hood. He was always calm and unshakeable. No events or activity reached or touched his unshakeable silence. His presence itself was powerful. His daily routine included a trip to the ghats in the early hours of the morning as well as his time with his dhuni (the ever burning pyre that burns samskaaras and empties the cup of terrestrial identifications from the causal layer). In both these, his disciples participated. Shantananda’s son Mukunda was about three years older than Vamadeva. He was a very quiet and silent boy, with lots of humility and love towards everyone. Shantananda never discriminated between him and his disciples.

Shantananda had a small farm a few miles away from his abode. His attendants ploughed, sowed and reaped the harvest. Yet, Shantananda and disciples used to visit the farms a few times a week and work there. During the non harvest season, they took the cows and calves to the farm and allowed them to graze the whole day. Even though the Shantananda household used milk, they never kept the calves away from the cows. They only milked the excess after the calves drank to their fill. They always treated their animals with respect and love. Everyone lived together in perfect harmony.

Whenever the junior students like Vamadeva had doubts, they preferred to speak to Gautama. Shantananda did not spend much time with his students every day except during the ghat visits and fire ceremony.

Gautama was the mouth or the communication aspect of the silent Shantananda. Whatever Shantananda wanted to convey to his students, more often than not, he conveyed through Gautama.

Some Teachings


Gautama explained about bad karma based on an incident of one student betraying another on a small issue, and another incident of a village boy eloping with the wife of a neighbour leaving behind his wife and children. Shantananda prohibited the villagers from chasing the eloped couple and asked them to have patience. He was against all kinds of violence. He told the elders to allow them to have their chosen experiences even though it amounts to betrayal and hence it is against dharma. He said that once they are contended, they would return back. He told them to accept them like before, when they return back, because every incident has its karmic provocation and repercussion. All causes and effects are accounted for. Those who sow must reap. Allow karma to play out completely and reap the fruits of it as well. No external interference was appropriate.

Gautama said “Betrayal, cheating, stealing and such acts that create pain in the other should be avoided at all times. Betrayal is bad karma. Very very bad karma for the one who performs it and also the ones who supports it. It will haunt the one who performs it beyond lifetimes and similar experiences will disturb him time and again. Those who betray others will be betrayed much more. Same goes for victimization and character assassination. It is equal to assassination. Be aware. Never engage or support any of that. Lead your life as cordially as you could. Always tell truth, convey your mind without prejudices and live a clean life. Extreme guilt will haunt those who betray and cheat others. You may win some initial success, but you will lose your conscience, which is close to your soul. What is the use of winning the world by losing your soul? Eternal damnation will befall those who cheat, steal, betray and character assassinate others.”

He continued “Every cause has its effect. Every effect has its cause. This is unavoidable. The only thing we humans can do is to avoid acts of emotions, cruelty and in-sensitiveness. Avoid bad company. Always walk with elevated friends or at least those who are good at heart and benevolent by nature. Never be lured by spiritual powers or its demonstrations and resort to practices of dark nature to acquire them. This will affect you through life times. Always stay with the light path of our gurus and tradition. Help ever and hurt never. Never harm any being, let alone another human and never harm any saintly people through thoughts, words or action. You will never come out of its implication for hundreds of lifetimes. Bad causes will give bad effects. This is the major cause of all the sorrows of the world today. Insensitive actions – resulting in bad results.”




An eagle was flying with a piece of meat clasped in its beak. He was in a hurry to take it to a safe location and eat peacefully. The meat was a bit larger than he could easily swallow on its way. Suddenly a school of crows started chasing the eagle. They flew with him and started attacking him. The eagle was helpless. He could not retaliate because he had this piece of meat between its beaks. The eagle did not realize for a long time, why the crows were attacking him. Finally, he realized that the crows were after the meat between its beak and not him. For some time he was reluctant to let go of the hard-earned meat. Then wisdom dawned with the intense suffering due to the attack of crows. Finally, he dropped the meat. Immediately, the crows left him and followed the piece of meat.
We all are like this eagle. We always refuse to drop the cause of our suffering and suffer eternally, often unconsciously and unknowingly. We work hard and earn our possessions suitable for our body, or mind or intellect. When we have those possessions, irrespective of whether they are material possessions or siddhis of spiritual nature, crows of the society starts chasing and hunting us. They come to take our hard earned possessions from us. We refuse to let it go because we believe they are legitimately ours. Neither us nor the crows understand the fact that these possessions are temporary and truly never ours or theirs. Everything passes hands sooner or later. But, we do our best to defend our possessions. In the bargain, we may get hurt. Finally, when we become helpless, we will reluctantly let it go. Otherwise, death will detach us completely from our worldly possessions. The more our possessions are, the more we will be attacked by the world. Lesser the possessions, more free is the life. Human beings hold on to their possessions and attract many such crows. When he lets his possessions go from his body, mind and intellect level, the world of crows stops bothering him. Avadhootas are walking examples of this level of non-possessive detachment.



On another day, while attending to the cows of the ashram, Gautama said “Our gurudeva says cows are sacred. The vedic wisdom never gave so much importance to any other animal except cows, even though it is rooted in ahimsa and respected all beings.”. Cows are considered as celestial beings. Do you know why? Students nodded their head in the negative sense. Trees consume carbon dioxide and releases oxygen which is beneficial for human existence. Similarly, cow is the only animal in the planet earth that has the capacity to take the negative energies of the society and releases only positive material. Cow in the society absorbs all the negativity of the society in a subtle level, stores it in her body and releases only good things like Milk, Dung and Urine – all of which nourishes life. They are all medicines as per Ayurveda. They are all used in our ceremonies and worships as well as farms and for organic cultivation of crops. The dung of a cow is also antiseptic. The dung of a cow eating pure stuff will have no odor. We spread it on our yard and on the floor to make it antiseptic. A cow’s meat should not be eaten because in subtle level, it contains all the toxins of the world which it absorbs every moment from the society. They are subtle beings and never engage in conflicts and fights. They absorb, store and give out only pure stuff. This is why a cow can be compared to a tree. A tree takes in used and polluted air and releases pure air which is good for our lungs. This is also why we are always sitting under the trees during satsangs. The pure air is refreshing and rejuvenating us. It is making our minds sharp and receptive. This helps us absorb more wisdom. The ancient sages used the dung of no other animal on earth except that of cows for the purpose of safeguarding themselves from bacteria and also as fire wood when dried. Its sacredness is its antiseptic quality. It can even heal wounds and injuries. A cow’s entire body is useful.

Our scriptures say that the entire body of the cow is the abode of many deities. Each deity has a functional purpose. This purpose is fulfilled through the body of the cow. It includes purification from gross to the ultimate subtle. Cow stores all negative subtle that she takes it in her body and destroys it at death. Thus the world is kept purified. Those who respect cows, are spontaneously sattwic in nature. We drink its milk. Hence, the cow is like our mother. We respect our mother. We respect the cows as our mother. Who can kill one’s own mother? Our predecessors, saints and sages constantly asked us to stay away from “himsa” of any kind. Himsa is Violence. Violence disturbs the vibratory level; both inside and outside of us. Violence in thoughts, words and actions bind us to emotions and emotions lead us to further karmas. Karma has its root on unfulfilled desires combined with emotions which re-enforces an operating character and constitution. So, a true sadhak (Seeker/Practitioner) should be aware of such traps of the path of liberation and stay clear at all times. We should not harm any beings of any species. Be compassionate and kind always. Never be selfish and upset anyone’s life. Life is the bed where you experience your karma over time. Keep your bed always tidy and clean.


Fear destroys like fire. Fear is one of the formidable enemies in the path of liberation. Religions and possessive masters sometimes use fear to control their subjects which eventually affect themselves and their path adversely. In the path of liberation, before one sets himself to the conquest of his mind, he should conquer all his fears. Guru is the epitome of fearlessness and our leading light. We dissolve our fears in the consciousness of our Guru and lead a life of total emptiness and lightness. We have no reason to fear when we have unshakable faith in our Guru. Guru takes care of us every step. Faith destroys fear like water extinguishes fire. Faith is the most reliable water that destroys the flames of our fears. Awareness is the permanent way to tackle our fears.
In other words, the best way to conquer one’s fears is to face them and burn them in the fire of awareness. A rope feels like a snake in darkness to an ignorant mind and corresponding fears happen; but when he gets the light of awareness, the fear disappears. Likewise, most fears are related to darkness, death or unknown. They have no value in the daylight of awareness. Fear is the trap. World uses fear to bind people. This is wrong. When we delve deeper and deeper into our inner silence, all the stored fears will begin to surface. Watch and let go. Watch and let go. They have to escape through the conscious mind. Do not panic nor meddle with them. They are to be released gracefully. Fear is ignorance. It’s remedy is awareness. Your guru is protecting you, watching over you. All fears are illusions. Let go of your illusions and you will be established in the absolute truth.


Be aware that we are essentially the fire. The fire of creation that rested in the belly of the Sun became the Galaxy. The fire of will in the consciousness of the supreme Para Brahma manifested as the universe. The fire of your mother’s womb created you. The fire in your stomach sustains you. Existence is connected to fire. Fire is the only element that burns everything and never gets contaminated. It just leaves behind ash which is beyond flavour and design. The flames of fire only go up and never down. Hence, it is considered as the chosen carrier of offerings to all deities. It is always pure. It is always sacred. This is why our tradition keeps fire as our closest ally and fastest friend. We offer all our impressions and afflictions to the sacred fire. All our sankalpas and all our samskaaras are offered to the fire every day. Fire takes it on and releases us from its bad effects each day, yet it never gets contaminated by it. We worship Sun as the source of this platform called galaxy where life could thrive. We worship earth because she gave us the platform for our gratifications. We keep our bodies sacred and lust free because our only plan and aim of life is liberation. When we burn all our identifications and identities along with the stored impressions in the causal layer, we dissolve into the supreme Parabrahman. When we stop existing, only the supreme unsullied consciousness exists. Thus, we nullify ourselves.


Guru Shantananda

Our guru is an avadhoota. He is a great yogi. He came accomplished. Those who come fully accomplished can be considered as avataric births. They chose their births consciously while most of us chose our incarnations out of the need to fulfill the unfulfilled desires from our past incarnations. They have taken birth on dharmic basis to preserve dharmic causes. They abide dharma and their life itself is their biggest teaching. Those who come accomplished have nothing to achieve in this incarnation. They have only to deliver over time. They reveal themselves accordingly, as per the necessity and need. They do not display anything off which are unnecessary. They will never pretend nor will they expect anything from the world. They are totally detached from the samsara or the mundane existence yet will perform as per the demand of the incarnation and time. Most teachers are only acharyas. They are teachers. They have only acquired knowledge. The problem with acquired spiritual prowess is that, the power achieved through the mantras and practices have to be maintained through abstinence and rigorous practices an  are difficult to maintain. They need to perform sincere practices on a consistent basis while abstaining from many lures of earth to keep what they earned or else will soon lose them. Some people observe strict celibacy. Some stay away from people. Some immerse themselves in severe practices. But the ones who come accomplished will walk and talk like ordinary men as they have nothing to do with the names, titles and vain glories or fame of the world. Such ascetics can never be compared with the acharyas. They strictly follow the divine will, in divine order and will never deviate an inch even if it costs their life. Their only interest is the establishment or re-establishment of sanatana dharma, the basic ground rules for harmonious existence. They have neither excesses nor demands. They expect nothing from anyone and none can do them any favour. They accept alms and bless the giver with abundance of spiritual bliss – they never beg nor they ask. They accept what comes to them spontaneously. Even small acts of kindness are deeply appreciated and nurtured.

Love is their food and offering. Fire is their ally. Silence is the bed on which they exist. Consciousness is AUM. There is nothing apart from them. So, friends, do not be confused between an accomplished master who has no interest to prove anything with an acquired saint who is eager to display what he has earned through books or practices. People who do not understand the inherent silence will not connect with these established saints who often look like nothing.  Restless minds will leave them. The restless mind wander towards acquired teachers who display their earned prowess. Such seekers easily get trapped in activity which maintains the inner noise for a lifetime and sometimes beyond. So, even a spiritual enthusiast may take a long time to find his path, and even if he has found it, to recognize and marry it totally. An accomplished master like our guru Shantananda is full and complete. A pot filled with water never makes a sound. The noise happens only when the pot is half filled with water. It shakes and spills. So, be full pots and never compromise ever. There is nothing to prove in the external world. But you have to stay rooted in your inner world and this needs alert attention. Inner silence is your highest treasure and greatest blessing. And the association of an established master will spontaneously and effortlessly remove the age old karmic blockages and set you firmly in the direction of dissolution. So, never confuse between inherent siddhis (powers) and acquired siddhis. Inherent always stays and acquired can vanish any time.

As an example, Gautama narrated the story of another monk in the monk’s own words to a question as to how he acquired enlightenment at such a young age?

“I served the master in his house so I could observe him closely. And day and night I stayed looking at the master. He never looked at me so much. I sat on the ground and stared as the master went ahead with his work. Initially, my mind was restless. And I saw the master restless and often irritant too. I still kept doing the same practice. Master asked me nothing. I asked the master nothing. Slowly, I started feeling some emptiness inside me. Some things were leaving me. Perhaps I was merging with the master’s consciousness. What left me was my restlessness. Mind started to settle down. When I looked at the master, he also seemed pretty relaxed and settled down. No restlessness manifested in him. I continued. My inner silence became deeper and deeper. A kind of ecstasy started occupying the space. When I looked at the master, I found him ecstatic with uncontrollable joy. When I asked a man sitting next to me why the master is so happy, he asked me “Do you see happiness? I see anger and restlessness”. I decided to follow my own awareness which was the best thing to do. Truth was delivered to each according to his state of mind and capacity. Emptiness increases the capacity. We must be true to ourselves. We must trust our own experience. Ever since, I asked no opinions about my guru to anybody. My inner silence made me immobile. I started sitting at the same place in deep silence with the absence of mind from morning till evening and even through night sometimes. I never bothered about food or water. Often, they became a hindrance to my state of beingness. I understood that I have no other realms to conquer. I have attained the highest Everest of consciousness. I waited for Guru’s command. He never looked at me. He still played his role as always and different people saw his different flavors and thought they knew him. He played this illusion and existed as long as it takes. I felt complete, yet there was no “I” to feel that completeness. I asked nothing from my Guru. I never even asked him if he is my Guru. I just watched, watched and watched. I realized that i am watching myself when I am watching him. He is my SELF. He is my soul manifested in another form. I understood the core of existence. I understood that I have no existence apart from the universe. “I” died. Master called me one morning. He put his hand on my head and said “I have emptied you. You have become me. Now go into the world and be a beacon of light unto the darkness of ignorance. Be like a tree that give shade to the wood cutter and nursing mother alike. You have no separation from me. We are essentially one. I gave you emptiness, which made you complete. Now I give you freedom. Be free.”

Govinda’s story

Govinda was a classmate of Vamadeva. Same age and size. They were close friends right from the beginning. They bathed in the river together and slept in the same mattress. They even had a bit of resemblance to the extent that some thought they were twins. Govinda was a few months older than Vamadeva. But, he behaved as if he is the elder brother which Vamadeva accepted and allowed.

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When they grew up and both moved to their late teenage. Govinda started developing love interests while Vamadeva fell in love with isolation and silence. At every opportunity, Vamadeva would withdraw his mind from outside materials and would plunge it into the inner pool of consciousness, while Govinda would be busy chatting up with his girlfriend who was the daughter of a shopkeeper not so far from the Guru’s ashram at Varanasi. Many times, he tried to bring Vamadeva to his path of pleasures in vain.

Vamadeva had no interest and he was getting deeply settled in the pool of inner silence and making his mind float on it like a log of wood, unattached to anything. Slowly but steadily, as his dependency on the outside world reduced, his mind was getting dissolved into the pool of silence. His mind matter became lesser day by day and finally, it totally dissolved in the pool. The technique of swimming in the inner pool of silence was delivered by his guru Shantananda in silence. One day, Shantananda nodded to Vamadeva to come to him in his room. When he entered his room, Shantananda was sitting on the floor on a rug in lotus posture with his eyes closed. He stood in front of him until he opened his eyes. It took a good half an hour. He nodded Vamadeva to sit facing him. When he settled down in lotus posture, Shantananda looked into the eyes of Vamadeva. He was probably measuring the depth of the pool of silence. His eyes penetrated through both his eyes into the inner ocean. Vamadeva sat mesmerised. Shantananda plunged into the ocean of silence that was waiting to be explored inside his disciple Vamadeva. The waves of the ocean of silence roared and rolled in silence at the steady stare of Shantananda. He was activating something. He was delivering as well as collecting and removing the remnants of sound from the pool. Vamadeva felt as if he is floating, whirling uncontrollably and dissolving. He dissolved. He had no awareness of his body or what happened. Total stillness! Unbound joy of stillness! No person, no personality, no world outside. Only when there is a personality, there is a world outside. We witness the world according to our personality. Everything dissolved. Only silence existed. The sound of the ocean was silence. When Vamadeva came back to terrestrial awareness, it was well past midnight. His guru had left the room. He sat there much longer, until day break just being in silence without the push of thoughts in total and complete bliss. He knew that he has arrived. His guru has given him the greatest gift. He has arrived. The consciousness that he has been searching for within, has LANDED! Gratefulness welled as salt water in his eyes. It started flowing onto his cheeks. When he heard the sound of guru and his fellow disciples leaving for bathing in ghat, he also got up to accompany them.

Govinda could not understand the sudden change in his friend neither did Vamadeva explain anything. His lack of interest for almost all worldly things came as a big time confusion for Govinda. He tried his best to make him sane. He even introduced some of the prettiest girls of the neighborhood to Vamadeva and took him to places of pleasures. Nothing worked. Vamadeva remained as aloof as ever, but never denied his company for Govinda’s pursuits. Vamadeva was more like an inevitable shadow for Govinda – inevitable yet, non-interfering.

The key to Govinda’s charm was his ability to predict future. It was partially skill and partially intuition. But, it always worked. Starting from his girlfriend who later became his wife to even the old and toothless women who check with him if there is marriage in their cards; all were enchanted by his prowess. It was Gautama who initiated Govinda into astrology as per the instruction of Shantananda. The guru’s assessment was accurate, as always. He had known that Govinda will lead a terrestrial existence immersed in his personal glories and accolades. What he gave to Vamadeva was exactly what he came there for. Every disciple always got what exactly they deserved.

Govinda’s journey was colourful, but not always very smooth until his marriage. The shopkeeper father in law of Govinda never really liked him. His talkative nature and display of power to predict did not go so well with him. He believed that Govinda is an upstart and will eventually abandon his daughter for other women. In those days, two or three wives were a status symbol. He understood that Govinda may walk that path to show off because he ate, lived and bathed on applause. Hence, at one point in time, he had to elope with his girlfriend and get married at a temple in the next village. Vamadeva was his companion in this adventure too. Even though silent and preferred isolation, Vamadeva was never afraid. Likewise, all the display of romance of Govinda never created any ripple of desire in the still consciousness of Vamadeva. Finally, when he came back, the helpless father in law was forced to accept his flamboyant son-in-law. That was the beginning of Govinda’s settlement in the city of Varanasi as an established soothsayer visited by the rich and the famous as well as the poverty ridden classes of the society. He was a good man with a good heart. He helped selflessly. Eventually, he became rich and popular and lived happily with his wife and children.

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Govinda always cared for Vamadeva even though the latter preferred isolation and silence. Later on in his life, whenever he could catch hold of Vamadeva, he would bring him home and get him to give lectures on philosophy to an audience he would gather effortlessly. But, more often than not, Vamadeva would recognize his hidden agenda of meeting up with a girl or forcing a matrimony and would escape from the place. Often, Govinda never told Vamadeva what to expect and invited him to his house in the pretext that his wife has been inquiring about him or that he has not seen Govinda’s children for a long time. Vamadeva loved children and he could not deny such invites. When he arrive there, there will be lots of people waiting to see him or attend his satsang. He would immediately take a U turn and disappear or if Govinda’s grip is firm, would escape whenever he could. After a few years, as Vamadeva wandered away from Varanasi, they did not meet for a long time. They did meet one time before Vamadeva left his body at the age of 49.

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The Farewell

After 14 years in the presence and guidance of Shantananda, it was time for Vamadeva to leave. Govinda had left the school before he got married. Vamadeva stayed on bathing in the pool of silence of his guru and the tradition. He also nurtured new disciples in the absence of Gautama. Unlike Gautama, he was a man of silence. Hence the students liked Gautama’s classes much more than Vamadeva’s. Vamadeva was almost like his guru – always engaged in unshakable silence.


It was the day of departure. Vamadeva felt no emotions. The world that he was deeply involved in was within him. There is nothing outside that he considered as his own. When the old maid asked for a cloth, he gave his only spare cloth to her. Why does he worry? The heat is inside and he is always basking in the inner heat. How can the outside cold bother him?

Shantananda’s words were very few, deep and pregnant. He said in his deep and matter-of –facted tone. “Never give into pretentious image. Stay true to your true image which is formless. Do not display yourself or your stature easily to people. If you do, it will only enhance their expectations over you. It will not enhance their inner silence. Reveal yourself to those who are ripe and ready to dissolve. Then, they would need no display to know who you are. Walk the path inside. There is nothing outside to conquer. You have already earned your throne. The throne is eternal. You will always be watched and protected. You need to care for nothing. You need nothing because you have become everything. You have nothing to do with the pretentious world. You have nothing to do with the worldly possessions. You have to visit your parents one last time, serve them for a year before you start your journey, thus completing the dharma of a son. You will not stay in one place for more than three days. You will not develop attachment towards anything. You will have followers and not disciples. Even though you are a raja yogi who is established in silence, you will be known as a Jnana yogi. In your next incarnation, you will be a complete raja rishi. But, do not worry about any of these titles, name or fame which is all earthly lures and bindings. Be always aware of who you are and stay true to your true image.”

“From now on, you will be known as Atmananda Chaitanya and will be recognised as an Avadhoota.”

Shantananda took his vessel filled with sacred water from Ganga, took some in his hand and sprinkled on Atmananda’s head. Took two flowers, did some silent chant and gave it in his hand and sought Guru Dakshina (offering to Guru). Atmananda took a pomegranate out from his cloth bag and put it at the feet of his guru. He prostrated full length at his lotus feet. Guru accepted the offering of his disciple; put both hands on his head and said “Be blessed. Be a blessing. Be useful and live the life of purpose until you leave this body at the age of 49. You will again meet me in sookshma (subtle) before you leave the earth. When you see me you will know that it is time for you to leave. Prepare yourself and leave within two days after. Go now. Do not look back. You have nothing left here to take. Whatever you need for your further life, you already have. You are self- sufficient. YOU ARE FREE.” SELF SUFFICIENT… SELF SUFFICIENT…. ACCOMPLISHED… FULLY ACCOMPLISHED… FREE… FREE… FREEDOM… these words kept ringing in his empty inside for a long time, as he left his guru’s abode with a heart brimming with gratitude. He sat for a while on the banks of Ganga. He looked at her for a long time. Slowly, stepped into the water and dipped himself many times. Drank lots of water. Wiped himself with his only towel. Wore the only cloth over the wet underwear and started walking towards the direction of his home and parents.



A Master Servant

Lord Ram asked Hanumanji “Who are you?” Hanumanji replied with total humility. “Great Lord, if I knew who I was, I might not be serving you.” The moment one realises who he truly is, there is no separation. What Hanumanji meant was that if he realised who he really was, then there would be no separation from Ram, as Hanuman and Lord Ram are indeed ONE – two aspects of the same consciousness. There is no servant and no master. There is no expectation. There is no separation. Until this realization happens, this and that, me and that, he and that, and all other kinds and aspects of separation, will exist in the mind.


Hanuman and Lord Ram – One in Consciousness, Separate by Choice (for serving the Purpose)

Ego has the power to expand illusion (Maya) that already exists with us, within us. Ego maintains us in the make-believe. Humility is purity. The more humble we are, the more pure we can be. Humility keeps us close to the truth. Every sadhak (seeker/practitioner of a path of spirituality) goes through the process of highs and lows of the mind and body unless deeply surrendered to the guidance of a true guru. Then the presence of the inevitable fluctuations of the mind will not matter because purpose takes precedence.


Deep surrender to the guidance of a true guru

As their practice brings forth certain experiences, when they have not yet tasted life inside the silence of stillness, the urge to spill out their findings to the “ignorant” public becomes more and more. We should maintain a clear understanding that it is not yet time to speak until we fully and properly settle down in the lap of silence. It will take time. We tend to open out when really, it is the right time to withdraw. Deliberate silence comes in handy at such times. This also keeps the ego in check.


Deliberate silence comes handy at such times. This also keeps the ego in check.

Flavour (Bhaav) determines the constitution. In the same entity, whether it is animate or inanimate, we can see various flavours in time and space which, if compared to human constitution, will provide us with a different understanding and awareness of existence. My first impression of the Ganga River when I saw her was, “Mother, you look like a river.” What I saw was motherhood flowing, unconditionally nurturing everything from the utter gross to the unperceivable subtle. The difference is feeling instead of “seeing”. Thousands of powerful yogis since time immemorial have worshipped the Ganga and stay in her lap because they do not see a flowing river; they see a mother’s lap. Thus, a true yogi’s vision is different. It is this vision that makes them a true yogi.


My first impression of the Ganga River when I saw her was, “Mother, you look like a river!”

My first impression of the Ganga River when I saw her was, “Mother, you look like a river!”
In my life’s journey, I have met many true but unassuming yogis who are deep treasuries of knowledge. They are well established in the truth (God), but maintain a deep silence and humility. Often society takes their humility as a weakness or even ignorance. What you experience is not always explainable in words. The taste of a tasty dish can never be explained. It has to be experienced. Even if you do explain, unless the listener is deeply aware, they cannot understand the subtleties fully. Some elevated beings choose the medium of “miracles” to create awe and attention, if they choose to physically communicate with the world.


Some elevated beings choose the medium of “miracles” to create awe and attention

Then there are many who only work in the subtle planes like avadhootas. Avadhootas may look like mad people, inconsistent in their behaviour and often unpredictable. However, they exist in a totally different operating level because their awareness has surpassed their body, and their sole reason for existence in society is to guide or protect society through subtlety. Even though there are many cases of people getting healed from chronic illnesses, karmic blockages and being cured through a mere glance or pat on the body by these unparalleled masters, they usually live in relative anonymity. This is perhaps the only way they sometimes reveal their stature. For common eyes, they are mad, unpredictable people.

The usual operating intellect of an average human is either intellect anchored on acquired knowledge (Srutha), or intellect based on situational, rational event analysis (Yuktha), viz. analysis based on acquired knowledge versus rational bent of observation, thinking and analysis. However, for a true master who operates in a still mind, it is an intellect beyond the boundaries of the usual brain, which is called Ritam Bhara. Ritam Bhara is indeed cosmic consciousness. Since true masters constantly operate on the energy plane, they wield power over the elements and everything else. Even then, when they do interfere or intercept in someone else’s karma, they suffer through their body while the subject gets relieved. The masters take it on themselves.


However, for a true master who operates in a still mind, it is an intellect beyond the boundaries of the usual brain, which is called Ritam Bhara. Ritam Bhara is indeed cosmic consciousness.

It is not easy to understand the stature of a true master. One can only perceive. The external always conceals the internal. Their need for isolation is often for the sake of keeping themselves free from various or multiple frequencies. The frequencies of nature always have a pattern of love. Nature is LOVE. There is even love in natural calamities. Natural calamities are auto corrections just like a fever in the human body or a stomach pain. They demand rest for an internal correction, much like a stomach problem demands a fast or a reduced food intake. Likewise, nature corrects itself time and again. Sometimes it’s a mild warning, just like our body gives us time and again. Sometimes, it’s severe and far reaching.


Lord Dattatreya: Nature is LOVE – LOVE is Natural

However, the social frequencies emitted by humans of various natures are almost always chaotic. Collective consciousness usually revolves around negativity, because that’s the easiest and the lowest. The media supports it actively too. The yogi usually avoids the world, because having to handle multiple lower frequencies all the time pulls down or at least stretches their hard earned elevation. Elevation happens spontaneously by keeping the mind inside oneself and not attached to the senses. Thus, when he has to deal with the outside world, he will be totally dispassionate. When the mind is anchored inside, it’s total stillness. A still mind is a clear mirror. Thus, the yogi becomes a mirror to the world. The outside world looks at these mirrors and witness themselves in full clarity. Yogis only show the totally non-manipulated true images. It is a challenge to keep the mind still when the yogi is forced to deal with the varied frequencies that he gets to handle each day. Once the yogi dissolves the mind totally, he becomes a permanent mirror. Otherwise, it takes sincere, continuous and consistent practices to keep the mind inside. A yogi operating in society easily becomes a trash can of the residue of multiple frequencies. Some use arathis (ritual prayer) to cleanse themselves. Some just leave it and abandon their body when unusable.

Input has relevance. Input makes us. We are what we consume. We consume food through the body, emotions through the mind, and knowledge through the intellect. These inputs make us and sharpen our character, as well as determine our constitution. Hence input, if uncontrolled, can create obesity – which can affect the “circulation” – in various aspects of our existence. True yogis control inputs to a large extent through isolation and contemplation, if not meditation and silence. The less the inputs, the less will be the impressions, and thus naturally the less storage. Storage of anything demands its corresponding manifestation. This is what we see in the world. The dramas that we see enacted in this world are all expressions of stored impressions in numerous minds. Nothing else.

Isolation is essential for rejuvenation, concentration and purification. Some resort to far off places, some to caves and some to mountains. Finally, when the mind is isolated from the rest of the system, then it’s just isolation everywhere. It is isolation even in the market place, because what happens outside cannot create any ripple effect inside. Inside is separated from outside. The usual bridge between the internal and external is the mind. Here, the bridge itself is burnt for good.

The Tradition

I am the tradition. I do not have any other existence. Nothing exists except the tradition. If I have a form, it is just a projection of the tradition, or a sign that the tradition exists. All powers and all manifestations rest with the tradition and not me. Any form the tradition uses to express itself is not the doer. The tradition is the doer. The tradition is the witness. No gurus of the tradition have ever been doers at any point in time. The form can do nothing on its own. It’s the tradition working through various forms to add to multiple realities of existence for the purpose of showing the light of liberation to the world.


I am the tradition. I do not have any other existence. Nothing exists except the tradition.

The NATH tradition promises that “If even one person seeks liberation, the tradition will provide a guide”. This is the promise of the golden tradition where liberation is the sole aim. Freedom is the way of life. Freedom from the mind is real freedom.


If even one person seeks liberation, the tradition will provide a guide

I have no existence of my own. I am just a projection, projected by the tradition for its purpose. When the purpose is over, the projection will be withdrawn, just like an image on the silver screen. The purpose of the projection will remain unclear while the show is on. Usually one has to wait until the end of the show to know the full picture. In most cases, the extent and depth of the operating level of a master will remain unclear or unfathomable even after centuries of their existence. What need not be revealed, will not be revealed. Clarity of purpose is the requirement of a seeker’s mind. A master seeks no such clarity even though he has access to every detail if he wants to. Do we know why a thing is happening in our own life each moment? Every effect has a cause. Every event has a reason. The tradition knows. It has projected many forms into this canvas over time who we worship today as “masters”. It will continue to project many forms in the future too. The mind of man may get stuck with a form, which is normal, because the mind needs the help of the senses to recognise, feel and connect. As long as the mind needs, the form is relevant. When the mind moves on, the form dissolves. And all forms have a specific duration too. The tradition delivered me, operates me and will dissolve me at its discretion. I do not think, I do not choose, nor do I ask. I do not seek. I do not crave. I do not pretend. I do not…..
I do not DO anything because I do not have to. It is all the tradition.

I have no powers of my own. Everything rests with the tradition. The tradition chooses forms to express itself; just like the supreme consciousness manifests itself through its trillions of creations. This form is just another form – a perishable piece of flesh, a temporary manifestation. Its value depends on the purpose of the tradition. Value is directly related to usefulness. My value is up to the tradition. I have no value apart from it. None of the past masters have or had any value apart from their representation. There is a clear understanding that “me and my Father are ONE”. There is no will or choice of thought, or even action. The purpose of the tradition drives this machine. The purpose of the tradition opens doors, speaks through the machine and also dissolves whatever is unwanted or unnecessary.


The purpose of tradition drives this machine

Relevance is limited and rests with time. Everything on earth is time bound. Whatever is eternal shall not have any dependency. Dependency is always related to forms supported by elements. Non-dependency rests with the subtle and, in the forms on Earth, with their souls. Souls have never depended on forms, while forms have depended on souls. Minus the soul, the form is dead. The relevance of every incarnation is its purpose. Nothing less, nothing more. I have no further relevance than the purpose of the tradition, and its duration rests with the purpose.

Even though status can be conferred externally, stature must be earned. Sincere practice brings capacities. Grace maintains it. When capacities or powers are misused, grace is lost. When grace is lost, powers are lost too. Even if powers stay, they may start breeding negative karma. Hence a true master will never flaunt his power, nor display his capacities to ignorant eyes. Stature needs patience and perseverance. It needs tenacity. It is like climbing a steep mountain. It takes efforts and sacrifices. It takes immense pain and determination. Once achieved, one cannot rest still. He must maintain it through positive actions, words and thoughts, as well as through a life of selflessness. This is a true yogi. When he shares what he has, grace replenishes the energies needed by the man like a well replenishes its water. When people crave capacities and eventually achieve them, but don’t gather the maturity to handle them, the capacities wither away like a beautiful garland in the hands of a monkey.

The inner world is difficult to fathom or display, and the outer world does not have the eyes to see the inner world of a person. Thus, displays are useless. They will serve only as a show of ego or to prove a point. Both are unnecessary in spirituality. There is nothing to prove. All you have to prove to yourself is that You are the only reality. You are the only truth. The proof of the highest achievement is utmost humility. The need to prove is ego or ignorance. When the pot is full, the water never spills. When the pot is half filled, the water will shake and spill with every movement. A learned and totally settled man never spills his knowledge unwarranted. The half learned are eager to share their fresh catch to anyone and everyone, even to unworthy ears. Sometimes it brings unlimited woes.

Years ago, a bookaholic in various religious materials tried to discuss his intellectual trash with me. I was working in a company at that time. This man, my colleague’s friend, knowing that I do some practices wanted to discuss his knowledge. I did not answer any of his questions as I found them shallow if not childish, as everything was related to his interpretation and analysis. Later, when my colleague asked me why I disappointed this “sincere seeker”, I said “First of all, I am not his guru. Secondly, he is still searching outside. Until he starts to search inside, I will not make any sense to him. Thirdly, my head has no roof (upper limit), it is as open as the deep blue sky. His head has a roof. How can he contain my experience even if I explain my state in words which again is impossible?” Whether he understood or not, he never imposed any of his “spiritual” friends on me.

What can be told is little. What remains untold is mountainous. What can never be told is a universe. What is understood is the same. What is understandable is truly limited. The rest is all maya – illusion or pretension. If we clearly understand this truth, we will remain humble.
Spirituality is a journey from the illusory known to the unknowable. The illusion that the words create, the impression that it leaves in the mind, is one of the main reasons for delusions, detours and confusions leading to rebirths until understanding becomes clear. Standardisation is impossible. Everything is as it is. Consciousness cannot be explained. Consciousness just IS.


Consciousness cannot be explained. Consciousness just IS.

A true yogi is empty inside. They have nothing inside. Just emptiness. Out of emptiness, they churn out realities based on purpose. They churn out words, expressions and miracles. The inner emptiness is the Source. They are one with THE Source. What separates one from the Source is the mind and ego. They have no mind or ego. Hence, they are the Source. They are purpose based and purpose bound. Every action, thought or word is unselfish and higher-purpose based. They do nothing for themselves. They eat, drink, sleep and walk for others. True emptiness provides true humility. An empty pot has the most capacity amongst all the pots.


A true yogi is empty inside. They have nothing inside. Just emptiness!

Nothing affects the soul. We all know that. But the yogi experiences that day and night. The visible world, or the world of images, cannot affect the soul. It can only affect the mind and through the mind, the body. The bridge between the visible world and the incarnation is the unseen but experience-able mind. The soul remains neutral, pure and unaffected through lifetimes. A true yogi identifies himself only with the soul. Hence, his state is detachment irrespective of where he exists. When one’s identification rests with the soul that cannot be polluted, the external world has no impact on them. When we finally experience our own shining truth, our soul, every other faculty will become dim. Nothing else will matter.

Identification is the flavour of existence. When a man identifies himself with the body, he will become bound by the inherent desires and inclinations of the body such as hunger, thirst, etc. When a man identifies himself with his mind, he will flow with the emotional highs and lows and all the other fluctuations of the mind. When a man identifies himself with his intellect, he will be bound by knowledge and analysis. Finally, it is only when he starts identifying himself with his unseen, unbound soul, that he will become truly liberated. This is a long walk. It takes pain and sacrifice. Terrestrial emotions always appear to pull the seeker back to its whirlpool. Hindrances such as stored impressions, past memories, anger, feelings of injustice, and lack of understanding or awareness, emotions, expectations, opinions, hatreds and numerous such hurdles are part of the path of this journey. Seekers need extreme tenacity and determination to navigate themselves to the other shore through powerful and extremely treacherous currents. This is where grace comes in handy. Protection of a true master helps. The help of one who has already reached the other shore is a great advantage. Just clinging on to the master who appeared as a saviour will help the seeker to reach his destination. That is all it takes – clinging on.


Seekers need extreme tenacity and determination to navigate themselves to the other shore through powerful and extremely treacherous currents.

In the spiritual journey, prejudices and analyses block more than ignorance. Every seeker must be aware of this. One’s lack of understanding is often due to prejudices rather than one’s capacity for understanding. Pre-conceived notions based on past understanding are also a hindrance. Things should be taken as they come.


Things should be taken as they come

When life is higher-purpose bound, there is no alienation because there is no doership. When the purpose is completely over, then it is complete merger. Purpose keeps the form. Purpose determines the duration of the form. However, if the incarnation is karmic, as Hanumanji said, “The moment I realise who I am, I lose my identity. I merge into you. I become you.” After that merger, the rest of the incarnations, if at all, are only for the sake of a higher purpose. The rules of such incarnates are different. It is purely the purpose determining the personality and duration. Nothing else. Karmic beings will not understand the operating levels of such incarnations.


After that merger, the rest of the incarnations, if at all, are only for the sake of a higher purpose.

We realise, even this one does not exist.

Love to all